IELTS Speaking Sample Answers # Arts

Art is that area that is in recent times being given a lot of importance. People have started to realize that it is equally important for the all round development of the child. Let  us have a look at some of the questions and the possible answers related to arts.

Are you good at art?

Art is a really vast subject, I believe and if it is about drawing things here and there, I would say I am pretty fine at it. But, I am surely not one of those swho can go on to make some master pieces.

I think I am good at, all thanks to the art classes that I attended during my teen years. They were a great help during my growing years and taught me lot of creativity. Now, I can easily draw simple day to day things like pen or a face.


Did you learn art at  school when you were a child?

Yes. We did had an arts subject during our school days and we were taught lot of basic things like how to color, shade or different kinds of paintings.

No, I did not. In our school, there was a choice between arts and music and I opted music.

What kind of art do you like?

I love sketching human faces. I really am fascinated by the different moods a face can easily depict. There is lot that be can said with a human face.

I like sketching natural things, the ones that are very near to nature. It could be mountains or rivers or the trees, anything that is near to nature.

Is art popular in your country?

I would say, art surely does gets importance as people really like to see great art work but when it comes down to choosing arts as a career it is not a very popular choice among people. They prefer pursuing their art goals a mere hobby.

Arts is truly respected in my country. People who can draw well are surely in demand in fields like army, police and country development. Recently, our prime minister hired twenty great artist of our country to create designs that will be painted on the walls of areas which are not very developed. He has a vision to ensure that every one lives in a nice livelihood.

Have you ever been to an art gallery?

I am not particularly an art fan. So, I have never visited any art gallery, although I do like watching the paintings made by my friends.

Oh! I have gone there so many times. I love them. It is so much fun to see people portray so much on a single canvas>

Do you think children can benefit from going to art galleries?

I think definitely yes. Art is that part of our lives that brings out the creative side of ours. If children go and visit art galleries, they might be able to understand things better and may be feel motivated to draw things and explore their creative side.

I don’t think children will be very much benefited by just going to art gallery. It is very important for them to understand what is being shown, what is the meaning, how it has been made and why is art important. It is only when they understand the answers to the questions, it makes sense to make children visit art gallery.





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