IELTS Speaking # Fashion

Clothes are an integral part of our lives and there is no denying that almost everyone knows something about them. When it comes to the speaking section of IELTS, there are a lot of chances that you are asked about clothes. So, here this time, we are presenting to you some of the questions asked in the IELTS speaking section for clothes and the fashion industry.

Is buying clothes a popular activity for teenagers in your country?

In recent times, it surely has become a popular activity. With more digitalization and globalization happening, people of all age are becoming more apprehensive about their looks. They are trying more than ever to look smart and presentable. One can find, teenagers searching for those new looks that their favorite actors are carrying and try to imitate them. In some cases, they go for the looks that certain models are carrying. So, I think buying clothes has surely become a popular activity, among all teenagers.

How much money should parents spend on their children’s clothes?

In my opinion, it depends. If the parents are well off, there is no issue in making their children dress off well but if there are financial issues in the family there is even no point in making children learn that the outer look is very important. I would say a balance between both, i.e. spending money so that the children look presentable and making them learn that in the end, it is what is inside, that is their skills and attitude is what matters.

What kind of fashion do teenagers like to wear in your country?

In recent times, there has been a shift from traditional clothes towards more western clothes. Also, with the big brands giving great discounts, they become the obvious choice for teenagers. Even more, teenagers are more active than before. So, you would find them reading fashion magazines and checking out the latest fashion shows. But then there are some teenagers who are completely into their studies, so they wear whatever their parents get them.


What influence has the fashion industry had in your country?

Well, there is surely a lot of influence, especially because of the Bollywood i.e. the film industry and the fashion industry working so closely. So, the movie stars will often be found flaunting a new fashion style or a statement, people who love them try to imitate them. Even more, one can find the local brands bringing out cheap clothes that are similar to the ones worn by celebrities. This allows the common people to wear cheap fashionable clothes.

Are the fashions of today different from your parents time?

Definitely yes. Fashion has evolved over the decades. During my parents time, there was the fashion for long saris but now it has shifted towards the ones smaller in length. From pants, we have shifted towards jeans and shorts. Even more, the style of jeans and pants has changed. Earlier women were found wearing more traditional clothes, now you can see them wearing more western or anything that they find comfortable. So, I would there are things that have remained the same, like sari but there has been a shift from traditional to western.

What do you think will be the effect of the fashion industry in the next ten years?

The fashion industry is evolving and with time and a lot of advertisement, there is a huge impact on people. Like, you can find women trying to be more slim, fairer and fitting into a body image which they are not. Even men could be found going to salons and gyms, not to just get healthy but trying to be someone else. This is the one thing fashion is doing to people. In the next ten years, there can be two extremes. One people can completely try to be someone else, go into the extremes of fashion and forget the reality. Second, there could be maturity in the decisions people take. So, they might go to buy fashionable clothes, but then try to be happy with the body they have. Instead of being slim or fat, prefer a fit body. I think the fashion industry will continue to have an effect on people’s decision but it might be possible that the effect is reduced.



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