Cue Card Talk about a journey you made by public transport

Cue Card Talk about a journey you made by public transport
IELTS Cue Card Talk about a journey you made by public transport
Talk about a journey you made by public transport
You should say 
  • Where were you travelling to? 
  • What was the means of transport? 
  • Why were you travelling by public transport? 
  • And describe the journey.


Sample Answer

Public Transport is a communal means of transport for a cheaper and quite often faster, route to common destinations.  Most frequently used transport facilities include buses, metro, tram, trains, planes, trolleys and even ferries, depending on the location.  They are generally maintained by the government and municipality.
Few years ago, I used to use the public metro to reach my workplace every day, I traveled home via the same. During my children’s summer vacation, I decided to take them on a trip. At that time, we resided in central London. The family voted to go to Scotland. As luck would have it, there is an Express train that travels from Cambridge to Scotland. So, I booked our tickets for the journey before time.  
When the day came it was a tad bit cloudy, but that is just a typical day in the United Kingdom, I was just thankful it wasn’t pouring as the weather report stated it might. Soon enough we reached King’s Cross railway station and caught our train after grabbing a quite bite to eat at a lovely bakery in the food isle. As the train began to move, we checked our baggage and I called the hotel we would be staying at to confirm our bookings as well as note some tourist hotspots we could visit later in the day.  
My kids and wife took out their travel sized card games and began to play their game. After about two hours the kids started to get bored with the card game so I suggested a game of “I spy with my little eye; something…” in which you would pick a characteristic of an object and the person would have to guess the object. This also served to make us take note of the beautiful fields and mountains we were passing, the people on the train, and the types of adverts on the way. This occupied them for another hour.
Now it was around noon, meaning lunchtime. The train had a half-hour stopover where I got some fresh bread, coffee, and cake to accompany the sandwiches my sons and wife worked so hard on. After our makeshift lunch the journey continued. The boys fell asleep soon after, and I was grateful for that, since this was going to be no short journey. We had already passed four hours we still had two and a half hours to go. My wife and I talked for a bit after which she bought out her book and started to read, I on the other hand, decided to take out my mp3 player and look outside the window nostalgically.  
After what seemed like ages we arrived at our destination, we had woken up the kids a bit before and had all of our luggage on hand. Once we deboarded the train, we caught the complementary hotel taxi and checked in. The vacation went absolutely marvelously and we had a blast. The long journey was completely worth the wait and I would certainly not mind going there again. 
Useful words and their meanings
Communal belonging to or used by a group of people rather than one single person
Tad bit A little amount of something
Nostalgically in a way that involves thinking about things that happened in the past with happy and also slightly sad feelings

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