IELTS CUE CARD: A time when someone gave you money as a gift.


A time when someone gave you money as a gift.

  • When it was?
  • Who gave you money as gift?
  • What did you do with that amount?
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Sample Answer

Giving money as a gift has been a part of our culture since long back. We present money as a gift on various occasions to our relatives, loved ones and friends.

One such incident when I received money as a gift was on my birthday. My birthday falls in the month of March. So, just a month back only I got money in the form of a gift. On my birthday, early in the morning, my parents came into my room, flooded me with their precious blessings also gave me an envelope which had Rs 20,000/- in it.

My parents always ask my need and desire for my birthday present. However, surprisingly this year on my birthday instead of asking me about anything. My parents gave me money. It was very kind gesture. It gave me a sense of responsibility to utilise that amount in such a way that I can make them feel proud of their decision of giving me money as a present. They must have thought that their daughter is mature to take care of money wisely.

Initially I was confused how to spend that money as I was not in need of any particular thing. After thinking a lot, I decided to save that money for my future requirements. I always wanted to have a bank account and that amount was sufficient to open a personal bank account. I used that money to open a bank account. When my parents got to know about my decision they were overwhelmed and appreciated me a lot.

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