IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Unfulfilled Wish

There are so many times that we wish for things and do work for them as well. But sometimes we are not able to fulfill our wishes. This time we are looking at a cue card that was recently asked in the IELTS speaking test about an unfulfilled wish.

Talk about a wish that you could not fulfill for a long time.

  • what was the wish?
  • when you planned
  • why couldn’t you make it?

also explain what you felt about it?


Over a period of time, there have been so many times that I have wished for things to happen. But, I think the one time that I really worked for fulfilling my plans was when I wanted a MacBook for myself. Initially, I thought of buying a simple laptop but with moving times, I decided to buy a MacBook. I remember saving for almost seven months and even saved around eighty thousand for the laptop.
But when the time arrived to buy the laptop, an emergency came in my house and I had to give the money saved there. While giving the money, it did not felt bad because at that point the money was going for an important cause. After that, I had to buy a cheaper laptop and although I have been able to work on that, I do wish that I could have bought Mac especially because I had worked really hard for it. Nevertheless, I am planning to start saving again for the MacBook.


There have been very few times when I have actually wished for things to happen in certain way. I have always been the kind of person who has accepted whatever she got. But, I remember wishing for a person in my life and I really wished he could be there with me. We were really good friends and both of us were stranded in a place quite far from home. Living in tough situations we did bonded over but time things changed.

I remember he was leaving the place for some other better opportunities and I was trying to convince him to wait for some more time until I move as well. But it turned out that the opportunity was too big to be left and so I backed off. I tried changing his mind for around a month but then let him go. Once he left things went bizarre but soon changed for better. We realized the importance of friendship and made sure things don’t separate us again.





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