IELTS Cue Card 2020 Questions # Describe a good news that you recently heard

A good news is something we all pray for. Something that always brings happiness into our lives. Good news could be on ourselves or something that we hear about others. This time we are looking at a cue card that was asked recently in the IELTS speaking test.

Describe a good news that you recently heard. You should say:

  • what was the good news
  • how did you received the news?
  • who was the news about?

also, explain your reaction on hearing the news.


We are living in times when it has become so hard for people to share the good news. Even when good things happen, people often start looking for even better things. But, this one time, I remember, I got a call from a very old friend of mine. We had not talked with each other in a while and initially, getting a call from her was in itself really good news for me.

But, as she went on, she told me that she had won the Toastmasters Speech Contest at National level and is all set to win it Internationally. The mere fact that my friend had achieved her biggest fear and has done something worth remembering for, made both of us cry the tears of joy. Toastmasters is an International Organization where people join in to learn the art of speaking.

As I know my friend, she had the stage fright for a very long time. Being part of the group and then winning a competition of speaking at the national level, brought not only happiness but also the feeling of pride in me. She told me the competition was to be held in Delhi and I was then living there. So, we met and celebrated together with her victory.


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