Cue Card # interesting news

IELTS Speaking latest cue card 2016.

Describe an interesting news about which people were very excited
You should say:
• what the story was
• who was involved in the story
• where you read or heard about this story
• And explain why this news story was interesting to you.

Sample Answer One:

I read the newspaper regularly. Today, I’m going to talk about a latest news that was exciting for many people.
The story was about India’s biggest test victory outside Asia. The Indian cricket team thrashed West Indies by an innings and 92 runs in the first test match. This was a challenging match as the opponents are known for their record breaking runs in test cricket.
I think this win was particularly crucial for the Indian team to prove their potential as the team was playing with a new coach. Apart from that, there were many young players who were participating in their first international test match. The result of this match was an achievement for the whole team and the nation.
Since cricket is a very popular sport in my hometown, almost everyone in my neighborhood was talking about this match. I found it fascinating because cricket is my favorite sport and I am the captain of my school team. We have played many state and national level matches. In the future, I want to be a part of the Indian cricket team so that I can bring laurels to my country. This thumping victory was very motivating and encouraging to me because I am a bowler and bowlers can be the game changers in this unpredictable game.

Sample Answer Two: (Writer: Akshay Tomar)

The other day I was browsing through the internet, when I read an article on some mind-blowing facts about Indian railways.
The article was about the maiden journey of Indian railway that was on April/16/1853 between Mumbai n Thane and its glorious history. Though, one theory suggests as per the archives of IIT Roorkee’s report on the Ganga Canal (1860) first train ran between Roorkee and Piran Kaliyar on Dec/22/1851.
The article was extensively covering about the history of India railways, as well some amazing facts were shared…… Indian railway has world’s fourth longest railway network, daily more than 23 million people travel with Indian rails. A train by the name “Fairy Queen” was certified by Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest steam locomotive in regular operations, in the year 1998. Under construction Chenab Railway Bridge, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is expected to be one of the highest railway bridge when completed. As well four of the Indian railway sites have been declared “world heritage site” by UNESCO, they are Darjeeling year 1999, Mumbai CST Building 2004, Neelgiri Mountain Railways 2005, Kalka Shimla Railway 2008.
Throughout the years that I have spent in my country, I never realized that we have such a glorious past in the terms of Indian railway and this article certainly makes me proud of my country and its accomplishments.(228 Words)


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