IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Person in News

We are living in a globalised world which has advanced in technology to an extent that messages are passed in seconds and people can see themselves when talking over miles. With media becoming so much popular, people are so much more aware of what is going in the world. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about a person in news.

Describe someone in the news you would like to meet.

You should say:

  • who the person is
  • what they do
  • why they are in the news

And explain why you would like to meet them


In recent it has been Kapil Sharma, one of the best comedians of our country who has been in news for all the notorious reasons. Kapil started off with winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and then went on to win six seasons of Comedy Circus. After that he started off with the show, “Comedy Nights with Kapil which became of the most viewed shows of the time.

However, recently he has been in news for having a fight with a great team member and the backbone of his show Sunil Grover. Sunil used to play a character in his show making him the most loved. But, with this fight, he has decided to leave the show.

I want to meet him and know what exactly is it going on his head right now. People are accusing him of being selfish and mean and having lost his empathetic side. I want to know what does it feel like to be one of the most loved comedians to be someone who people are talking wrong about.


There are so many people in news but I think the one person I would love to meet would be Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is our current prime minister and has been one of the most successful prime minister in recent decades. He, after a very long time, was able to get majority and for the first time in recent times, we see the entire nation following a man.

So, when Narendra Modi says that he will eradicate black money, people do believe in him and are ready to stand in queues for him. He has too an extent brought the waves of digitalization in our country. So, you could see even the small vendors having the paytm sign outside their shops.

I really want to meet him because I am awed by his personality. The way he gives speeches. I would like to know his point of view on the decisions he make and how does he takes the call. Also, how does he talk in a one to one conversation and what is his view point for the youngsters of the country.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Creative Person

Creative people are those who do things differently. Not necessarily they do different things but they even do the same things differently. These are often described as the people who built things and changed the ways. This time we are discussing a cue card on the creative person who met in your life.

Describe a creative person you admire :

You should say –

  • who the person is?
  • how you know that person?
  • what they do that is creative?

and explain why you admire that person?


There have been many people I have met over the course of years but I remember one particular person I was amazed at. It was during our college days and he was our classmate, Avinash Singh Rathore. I remember him as one of the guys who would make amazing cartoons and had great writing skills.

We were partners in crime because of our consecutive roll numbers. So, we would sit at the last seat and then would write about the events happening in the class. We would make fictional characters and then write stories together. He would be the one who would make amazing cartoon and I would write down the conversation. By the end of the day, we would post it on facebook and have a great laugh!

The reason I really admired him was because he was very calm and yet so smart.His opinion on world was so different from others and I loved it.


The one person that comes to my mind when I hear “creative” is my father. Since my childhood, I have seen him fixing things that everyone rejects. Making new things from what is left over. According to him, nothing is ever wasted. Its utility to achieve one thing is over now and now can be used for something else.

Once a bed broke in our house and when everyone else was thinking of where should it be thrown my father made a beautiful desk out of the bed. I think creativity is not just about drawing things out or writing something beautiful. It is about leading a life in ways that are different from others. And on that, my father has surely led a beautiful life.

The reason I really admire him is because when everyone is busy in the hustle and bustle of life he is the one person who has remained calm and yet achieved things that left people awe struck.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Things Learnt

There is so much that we can do and so much that we can learn, often from people who are very close to us. This time we are looking as some cue card questions about the things that you learnt from a person very close to you.

Describe something you learnt from a near one. You should say :

  • what you learnt?
  • how this became important later in your life
  • have you taught it to someone?

also explain under what circumstances did you learnt this?


I believe most of the time ,the important things in life are taught by people who are very close to us. These are the people who help us in taking decisions. I have learnt how to type using both the hands on a computer by my father. I remember when other kids were busy making notes on the notebook, I was  making notes on my computer. Typing those chapters out has really helped me in later years when I joined the IT industry. When everyone is bothered about typing the write code I can give my entire attention to the code itself. I can make notes on computer in a better way then most people can make. This really helps me in my work.

Being a blogger not being bothered about how I am writing makes things so much more simpler for me. I have not entirely taught it to anyone, because it is all about practice. But, yes the basic techniques, whenever someone asks I feel good about telling them to people. I learnt typing because my father thought I should know it. Also, after a certain point of time I started liking it as well.


I remember there was a time in my life I was really bothered about lot of things. Not being able to do things had made me go really bizarre. I can recall calling my friend regularly and once I was very distressed. I told her how I lost my chance of buying a Mac and then lost my phone. How things were not going according to the plan and I couldn’t find an escape.

There was no lecture that I got from her but she told that no matter how much mess I am in she loves me and will always be my friend. Then she asked me to ask if these things really matter. I knew they don’t matter that much but yes too an extent they do. So, she again asked me if I can do something about them. For some I said yes, for rest I said no. She simply said,” things that you can do something about, just do something about it. The things you cannot, there is no point fretting over it”. Surely, this is something we all know but re learning it from a friend really helped me save myself from going crazy. I learnt that it is all about the present and life will find out its way.

I never taught this to anyone, because I think you can only learn it when the time is right and by only someone who is the right person for you.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Question # Historical Event

History is not just about dates or the name of the rulers. There is so much more that an individual learns from history, the reason for the present and more importantly, the predictions for the future. This time we are looking a cue card aimed at history.

Describe a historical event that you find interesting:
You should say –

  • when it took place
  • what historic connection it has
  • and how it impacted the history

and explain why you find it interesting.


There have been so many events in the past century, that shaped our present. On a worldwide level, the rise of Hitler was the most interesting event I can think of. He was the one person who single handedly changed the course of the world history.

After Germany lost World war I and was forced to sign the treaty of Versallies, there was nothing much left with Germany. But, under the leadership of Hitler, it rose again and fought back. People followed him even in acts that were cruel and it takes great leadership skills to do that.

May be there won’t have been any Second World War, if it was not for Hitler. Countries like Russia and USA rose to power only when they won the Second World War. Before that it was only Britain ruling the world.

The one thing that I really find captivating here is that one man, not even an army, one dictator could go against the entire world and shake them from their roots. Sometimes I wonder if only he was a positive leader, the world could have been a better place to live in.


I remember one particular event that I read in my History textbook about the rat war in Indo-China. When French invaded Vietnammese,  they tried to rebuilt things. So, Hanoi city was built with beautiful Canals but the dilemma was that the canals built for the hygeine became the perfect breeding ground for rats causing plague.

To stop the spread of plague, a rat hunt was started in 1902. Vietnamese workers were hired for the task and were paid for each rat being caught. People began to catch rats in thousands. The payment was done when a tail of a rat was shown as a proof that a rat had been killed. Many people began just clipping the tails and collecting the bounty. Many people even began to raise rat to earn more.

The reason I really find this interesting is because it showed that at some juncture even the superior power of a colonial master fails and even the weak can assume a very strong bargaining position.

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