IELTS CUE CARD – Describe a favourite toy of yours in childhood

IELTS CUE CARD – Describe a favourite toy of yours in childhood


 Describe a favourite toy of yours in childhood.

  • What was the toy?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • How often did you play with it?
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Toys play an integral role in formative years of all children. They help in the development of the brain and also enhance the motor skills. I loved playing with toys when I was a child. In fact I had a room full of toys where I spent most of my time after returning from school.

One of my favourite toys was a Barbie Doll. It was gifted to me by my parents on my 6th birthday. I vividly remember, it was packed in a beautiful pink box when my parents gave it to me. The box had ‘Birthday Pink Barbie” written on top of it. When I opened the box I saw a very pretty Barbie Doll wearing a pink gown, matching shoes and few additional dresses with a comb and makeup kit. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

Since that time the Barbie became my constant companion. I’d play with it every day after returning from school. I loved to change its dress and comb its hair. I treated the doll as my best friend and used to have conversations with it and share my daily school activities with my doll. In fact during holidays I’d pretend to be a teacher and teach the doll as a student for hours together. Imitating the dialogues of my school teacher was full of fun. Taking the doll to bed and narrating bed time stories was a daily routine.

This doll remained my favourite toy for several years. It is still with me as a memorabilia.

Constant companion (collocation) a person, animal or thing that has been with someone most of the time
Memorabilia objects kept or collected because of their associations with memorable people or events

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a toy you liked in your childhood.

  • How old were you and when did you get this toy?
  • Who gave you the toy?
  • What was the toy exactly and how did you play with it?

And how were you feeling at that time?


Gifting toys to children is one of the common mores in society. Toys consist of the most playable items for children. Children just love to upkeep a complete shelf or drawer full of toys of different kinds. They generally receive these toys on special occasions although feature toys are given otherwise also, on a child’s insistence. When I turned 6 on my birthday, I received many gifts on that day from family and friends. Later that day, I silently creeped into my room to calm my curiosity about new gifts. I started unpacking every item, when eyes stood fixed on a toy, half wrapped in the shine.

I, at once, jumped to the living room and with a broad glee on my face, questioned in a loud shout, that who has brought my favourite gift to me. To this, my mother smiled back and informed me that it was my father who knew my likes very well and brought this specially for my day. I looked at my father and recited a hymning thank you.

Well, it was a remote controlled car. It used to be a sensation for children in those times, when imports from china was very timid and remote car was considered as an electronic toys masterpiece. My friend already had one such car at his home, so, whenever I used to visit his place, I had some occasional trips with that high speed and advanced controls. But, I always lingered on my desire to have one of my own and drive whenever, wherever I want. Once, I even asked my father to bring one remote car for me.

That was few months back. I was happy that my father remembered it on my birthday. I was feeling the freedom of fiddling with my own car. Also, since I knew the controls already, I was now experimenting with different terrains and exhibiting some amusing stunts. I was feeling very exalted back then.

Word Meaning
Exalted feeling very happy, joyous: After seeing my IELTS score, I felt exalted.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 In your childhood, did you receive more gifts from your family or friends?

Sample answer: Well, friends and family both, I suppose used to gift me on my birthdays. But, family used to gift me otherwise also. Sometimes, when I used to be on scooter ride with my father, I used to see several enticements in the market area. It was then, when my father had to buy me a toy on my repeated insistence.

Q. 2 When did you stop receiving toys as gifts?

Sample answer: I suppose, it was my 11th birthday, when for the first time I could see no toys in the wrappers. Rather, I had some stationery items and a few English novels.

Q. 3 How did you feel when you received no toys on your birthday?

Sample answer: By the time I was 10, I could visibly see the cutback in my toys collections and moreover, I started indulging in different activities like outdoor games, bicycle rides and so on, which obviously took me a little away from my toys. Therefore, although I kept on searching for a toy till my last unwrapment on my birthday, but I didn’t really feel disappointed in any sense.

Q. 4 Why do you think children like toys so much?

Sample answer: I think the most primitive and aboriginal instinct in a human being is TO KNOW. Curiosity to explore and create something new has always been the driving force behind our evolution. Therefore, a child who has not yet gained exposure to society and its creations at large, feel captivating interest in the novel features of toys. They feel the toy so animated that they love to play with it.

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