CUE CARD # Describe a famous person whom you admire.

IELTS Speaking Task # Cue Card

Describe a famous person whom you admire.
You should say:

  • Who this person is?
  • What makes him/her famous?
  • Where does he/she live?

and explain why you admire him/her.


I think we all look for certain qualities in a person we admire or follow. I have always been a huge admirer of Amitabh Bachchan. He is a Bollywood superstar and globally recognized cinema thespian. Being one of the senior most celebrity of actor, he is 76 years of age but his energetic performance does not reflect the age.

Amitabh Bachchan’s tremendous universal appeal and influencing personality makes him top the list of World’s Most Admired People. His qualities and down to earth nature are the reasons why people regard him as one of the greatest actor any film industry has ever produced. When I read an article on his biography, I came to know about the struggles he has gone through during the early days when he encountered rejection and flopped movies. Even after being a global personality, Mr. Bachchan is well known for his punctuality and giving his 100% in all tasks. Age is just a number for him as with increasing age, he’s getting even better with his performance on screen.

Mumbai is the film capital of our country and Amitabh Bachchan belonging to India lives there. He lives there in a mansion where fans religiously stand outside on weekends just to get a glimpse of the legend.

I admire Mr. Bachchan not only because he’s a great actor, but for his contribution to society as well. He is a social activist. His donations to various non-profit organizations and reliefs funds are also worth a praise. Mr. Bachchan has also been honored with popular Indian awards, which makes me admire and respect him even more.

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Another Similar Cue Card

Describe a famous person you are interested in.

  • Who is this person and how do you know him?
  • Did you happen to meet him? If yes, then tell when and where?
  • What was the person doing before becoming famous how did he turn famous?

And what qualities do you admire in him?


Famous persons become personalities or stars for the bourgeois society. They are intentionally broadcasted on media exhibiting their panache and lifestyle, in general. Most of us feel highly immersed in their charisma and get mesmerized by their auras. People even endeavour to impersonalize those famous characters. I, being no exception, am devotedly interested in that genius maestro of cricket and considered God by Indian cricket lovers, Sachin Tendulkar. I used to watch and play cricket since 1980’s but beginning from 90’s and for the next fifteen years, what I witnessed was a phenomenon whenever he used to be on pitch.

No, unfortunately I could never grab that opportunity of meeting the cricket doyen, but I was always in a state surpassing even anxiety and thrill, whenever I Imagined that moment. Still, I have not yet belied my hopes and I am very optimistic of meeting him some day.

Out of my curiosity for this wizard, I read and heard about him a lot. Sachin Sir hails from a middle class Brahmin family near Dadar, Mumbai. His father was a poet and mother was working with Insurance industry. He took up cricket at a very young age of 11, getting admission in India cricket Club. He has represented Bombay domestically and India internationally for nearly 25 years. He made his international test debut against Pakistan’s menacing bowling attack, when he was just 16. Later on, he traversed almost every milestone and earned immense fame and love for setting his own new landmarks in cricket.

Well, his courteous and humble personality, despite being Sachin, has always taken the wide applause everywhere. His focus and elegance in his play of game is apparently superhuman. His adroitness and blitzkrieg reflexes are awesome. His intelligence and temperament sets him apart from rest of the contemporaries.

Word Meaning
Menacing fearful: Tsunami view in India was menacing.
Adroitness skill: You need to be adroit in driving to take the car in hills.
Blitzkrieg lightning attack: Snow Avalanche(storm) approaches like a blitzkrieg.
Ostentation pretension: One should shed away ostentation to live an honest life.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 How do you think a person becomes famous?

Sample answer: Success journey to fame, wealth and power comes at a great expense. One has to be passionately involved in an action to bear good fruits. Practice, dedication, watchfulness and unwavering hope for the goal makes a person successful and success brings fame as an appendix.

Q. 2 How do you think about those who are famous for notoriety?

Sample answer: Actually, the people who get the news attention because of their misdeeds are not famous, they are rather infamous. This brings a sham for him and all those who are associated with him. Path has prominent importance in reaching to a destination. Even though infamous people earn money but they never get that respect and dignity from society.

Q. 3 Do you want to get famous? If yes, then in which field?

Sample answer: Yes, I also want to get famous. But here I should be judgemental about my talents and passions. Because, until and unless, you have an alloy of both, there are only bleak chances of success and fame. I think writing is my passion and I possess apt talent too. So, I think, with the consistent pursuance of my passion, one day I shall be a famous person.

Q. 4 Do you think there is a change in attitude of people after becoming famous?

Sample answer: We can say that, attitude inversion, is a widespread common characteristic witnessed in celebrities, nowadays. They float hefty airs around them and apparently believe in ostentation. Special attention down poured on them by public imbibes an arrogant artificiality in them. But, I think that, there do exist famous people who still live a humble and courteous life and remain polite in their demeanour and Sachin is one of them.

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