Speaking Task 2: Describe a time when you received money as a gift.

Speaking Task 2

Describe a time when you received money as a gift.

  • When did you receive it?
  • What did you do with it?
  • How did you feel about it?

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Sample Answer

A gift always brings a smile on our face, whenever we receive it. Moreover, it shows our importance in other’s life. Different types of gifts are given on different occasions, as a token of blessings and love. I have also received many gifts so far on various occasions. On my last birthday, I received money as a gift from my elder brother.

Since he was confused about my preference for a gift, he decided to give me some money as a gift so that I could buy anything as per my choice. He made my birthday special when he had given me an envelope containing some cash. There was an exact amount of cash inside which I required to purchase an Apple Watch. I felt so overwhelmed that tears started rolling down my eyes. Next day, I and my brother went to the market and bought a white Apple Watch for me. Out of the excitement, I clicked a picture of that watch and posted on my social site to share my happiness with my friends and relatives.

I was really grateful to my brother for the gesture of love and care he had shown me. I really love him for his unconditional love and support. He understands my needs even if I do not tell him. That gift was indeed special for me but the person who gave me that gift is the most special one.

Another Similar Cue Card

Describe something you received for free.

  • What was it?
  • Who did you receive it from and when?
  • How did you receive it?

And how did you feel?


One comes across few instances in life, when he/she receives freebies on certain occasions. One plus one is one such bogof, where you get to receive one gift free along with the one bought by you. At one point of time, I was the recipient of such a free giving occasion. It was a farm sized pizza, more than enough for even two people and we were only two, my wife and me, at that time.

We planned to go for some shopping in Delhi on the eve of our first wedding anniversary. It was the summer time and we went to Connaught place in central Delhi, where we can easily access big branded showrooms for both of us. By the time we were finished with the shopping, it was noon already. Sun was overhead and we felt like lounging ourselves in a chill restaurant for lunch. My wife immediately popped up with the idea of a pizza at MacDonald’s. We were the occasional gobblers of such fast foods therefore I, at once, gave my consent to it. We went to the one located nearby and placed ourselves well, waiting eagerly for the menu.

Just then, when we were merrily whispering about the special day, a waiter overheard us without our cognizance. He approached us asking for our favourite menu. My wife ordered a one for two, Veg pizza with extra cheese, for both of us. While we were waiting, waiter reappeared with a farm size pizza with extra cheese. I was about to enquire about the size when he interjected me with the greeting and a broad smile for our anniversary. He then informed us, how he came to know and how their place organizes a free treat for the couples on their special day.

Well, I was already feeling my pocket pinched after an exhaustive shopping spree along with a large ravenous appetite. I was simply overdelighted with that free offer of our choice. My wife’s eyes gleamed too and we together acknowledged it as the best gift on that ceremonial occasion.


Word Meaning
Gleam Shine: Happiness brings gleam in our eyes.
Ravenous Very hungry: After a few hours of exercise, I felt ravenous.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Why do we like free gifts?

Sample answer: A gift coming for free happens usually on particular special occasions like birthday, marriage and so on. But receiving one on some unusual day just springboards our surprise and joy. Getting something when one is not prepared to spend comes as a luxury.

Q. 2 Why do restaurants and shopping centres give free gifts?

Sample answer: In the present scenario of cutthroat competition, enterprises play several marketing stints to attract the customers. Offering free gifts on some occasions is a subset of that marketing propaganda to increase the no. of footfalls.

Q. 3 Do freebies really turn into motivation for customers to revisit?

Sample answer: Yes, many times, for majority of the people, it definitely leaves an alluring impression. Such freebies act as inducements, especially when the gift is likeable and the routine items sold by the shop are not of very inferior quality.

Q. 4 Can the excess of free gifts have the negative impact too?

Sample answer: Yes, indeed. Excess disbursing of free items can lead to an altogether different perspective about the enterprise, in the minds of customers. They may feel sceptical about the quality or they might just be addicted to that free item only. In this case, strength of the genuine customers might be affected adversely.

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