IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Aggression

The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes learning English.

You can download the audio from the below link –


Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS.

  1. What is the word that is used to describe you when you behave in an angry way?
  2. Which phrase is used to describe something that is completely unexpected?
  3. Which word is used to describe the behavior when you refuse to smile or speak because you want people to know that you are upset?
  4. What is the person who is very sensible and in control of emotions called?
  5. What is the word used to define someone who is mentally and emotionally stable?
  6. Which word is used to talk about an opposite side to an idea?
  7. What is the opposite side of being fluffy and sympathetic?
  8. Which word is used to describe a soft animal fur or feathers on young animals or soft toys for children?
  9. Which word describes you if you are able to share or understand another person’s feeling?
  10. What is a noise or a movement that gives someone information called?
  11. Which phrase is used to define something that causes another thing to happen?
  12. What is a movement made with arms or head to give someone information called?
  1. aggressive
  2. out of the blue
  3. sulk
  4. well balanced
  5. grounded
  6. Flipside
  7. being aggressive
  8. fluffy
  9. empathetic
  10. signal
  11. triggers a response
  12. gesture


Holiday destination cue card

Describe a holiday destination you have visited.
You should say:
• where it is
• when you went there
• what you did there
And explain why this place left an impression on you.

Sample answer

Today I am going to speak about a place where I went on holidays.
The name of the place is Manali. It’s a picturesque hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, a state in northern India.
I went to Manali last week with my family. Since it is quite far, approximately 500 kilometers, from my hometown Dehradun, we decided to set off on Friday night. It was a very long drive, about 12 hours. We reached there on Saturday morning.

Manali has a lot to offer to its tourists of all ages. For the elderly and religious people, there are many ancient temples. Young adventure seekers have a wide range of sporting activities like skiing, snowmobiling, rafting, river crossing, trekking and paragliding etc. at their disposal.

On the first day of our holiday, we trekked through a dense cedar forest to reach Hadimba temple. It is the oldest temple of Manali and has a lot of religious significance in the local community. The next day we went to Solang Valley. Fortunately, we found plenty of snow in the valley. Without wasting our time, we made a small but very pretty igloo. We took the photographs of all the places we visited.

This place has impressed me very much. The main reason is its pleasant weather. Apart from that, people are honest, friendly and co-operative. They always give you the right information. Transport facilities and hotels are also well-maintained.

IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Group Think


The audio has been taken from BBC 6 minutes learning English. It talks about the ways in which group think.

You can download the audio from the below link –


Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS.
  1. The speaker describes the coffee which has its caffeine removed using a word. What is it?
  2. Speaker uses a term to describe the type of bad decisions one makes in a group? Which term is it?
  3. What is the synonym of against?
  4. In which story by Hans Christian Andersen does a young boy dare to tell the truth when everyone else goes along with an obvious lie?
  5. What is the behavior that is the same as the way most other people people behave called?
  6. The speaker uses a word to explain that the person has given up? What is it?
  7. The speaker uses a phrase to mean, “agreeing with something”. What is the phrase?
  8. The speaker uses a phrase for strong determination. Which phrase is it?
  9. What is the force that keeps something going once it has started called?
  10. Which word is used to describe the person who thinks and behaves differently from other people called?


  1.  decaffeinated coffee
  2. groupthink
  3. contrary
  4. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  5. Conformity
  6. fold
  7. going along with
  8. will of steel
  9. momentum
  10. non conformist

IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Multiple Careers

We are living in times when people are having more than one jobs. With internet coming at pace, there are so many other jobs that people are being offered online. So, a person who is possibly a good coder does not end up working only for a company. He/she has the option of having some more income online. This time we are listening to a BBC 6 minute English audio that talks about multiple careers.

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What is the case for carrying large pictures called?
  2. Which profession people had the surname Bond?
  3. What is a person who makes violin called?
  4. What is a person who starts and runs business called?
  5. Which adjectives describes someone who does the same thing again and again?
  6. What is a job at a big organisation, company or corporation called?
  1. portfolio
  2. peasant farmers
  3. Luthier
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. serial
  6. corporate


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