IELTS General Writing # Complaint Letter to Sports Centre Manager

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are not satisfied with the changing rooms in a sports centre that you visit. Write a letter to the manager:
– What the problem is
– How you feel about the problem
– What steps you want the manager to take
Write at least 150 words.
You do NOT need to write any addresses.
Begin your letter as follows:

Sample Answer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the facilities provided by your sports center located at the MG Road. It has been two years since I and my husband joined this center. We both attend the aerobics classes in the morning and do swimming in the evening.

I want to bring into your notice that the changing rooms in the pool section are not being maintained properly. Firstly, the towels are soiled and even damp sometimes. Secondly, there is a foul smell in the rooms most of the time. It seems as if the area is not cleaned thoroughly and no room freshener is used. We talked with the facilitator before writing to you but the issue was ignored rather than being resolved. Such a response has disappointed us as it is a basic hygiene issue which should have been taken care of immediately after the first complaint.
I would like you to ensure that clean towels are supplied after every swimming session and rooms are cleaned regularly. If the problem of foul smell can also be tackled by installing ventilators, we would be grateful to you.

I look forward to receiving a prompt response.

Yours faithfully
Anju Rawat



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General Writing Letter #Traditional Celebration

IELTS General Writing Letter Task 1. You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

There will be a traditional celebration in your country and you want to invite your friend from an English-speaking country. Write him/her a letter and
– invite your friend,
– explain what happens at the party
– describe the tradition and why it’s important in your country
– say why it is important for your friend to be there

Sample Answer:

Dear Anna,

I believe you are doing great. It’s a great pleasure to invite you for the Lohri celebration in my hometown Chandigarh next month on 13th January.

I remember you were eager to see this traditional festival when I shared the photographs of last year’s function with you. As a custom, this festival is celebrated with lots of gusto in Punjab and other North Indian regions on 13th of January every year. The occasion is associated with crop harvesting. It also marks the beginning of financial year for the Punjabi farmers.

The celebration becomes more joyful if there is a new bride or a newborn baby in the family. Since my brother got blessed with a baby boy two months back, the party is going to be really special for us.
Anna, you will love dancing with us on folk beats while putting groundnuts and popcorn into the bonfire. I’ll also get a classical dress designed for you in your favorite Royal Blue color.

Please book the air tickets right away and reach India at least two days prior to the occasion. I just can’t wait to see you!

With love

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SoP for diploma in Office Administration

Please find Statement of Purpose (SoP) for diploma in Office Administration sample. Don’t download it as it is. This sample provide guideance only. You can contact IELTSBand7 to get SoP especially written for your need.

Health is wealth. This old adage clearly highlights the significance of health in our life. Despite substantial improvements in the field of medical science, the public health is declining. The proportion of people suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems etc. is on the rise. Not to mention, the current arsenals of drugs and public healthcare facilities have been quite inadequate in controlling the increasing rate of health related issues. It is undeniable that our future progress relies on our ability to tackle this situation. Healthcare professionals will therefore have a major role in the coming years.
I am an Indian student and I have completed my secondary school. I aim to pursue an under-graduate diploma in Office Administration-Health Services from Seneca College, Ontario, Canada. My objective of pursuing this course is to gain knowledge about different factors influencing public health and methodologies used in this dynamic and diverse field.
I realized my interest in health services when I visited hospitals and community clinics with my uncle who is a doctor. I enjoyed learning about vaccines and medicines and the manner in which various departments synchronize their effort to treat patients. Given the fact that my country, India, is the second most populated country in the world, the pressure on existing medical facilities is enormous. Therefore, the optimization of current medical and pharmaceutical resources is essential to develop well-organized and effective healthcare delivery systems. In addition, stringent policies which can govern healthcare administration need to be established at the local, national and international levels.
Unfortunately, my country does not have effective Office Administration-Health Services programs. Although, the government of India has taken many initiatives and introduced many schemes at the national and state levels, still they are not being effectively carried out. The outcomes of these projects are often very disappointing. Therefore, students like me seek opportunities in foreign colleges/ universities which provide an in-depth knowledge of this field.
In High School (10th class), I selected English and Biology as the main subjects and I obtained good marks in all subjects. Due to an accident, I could not perform well in 12th class examinations. So, I took them again after a year as a private candidate. This attempt was successful. These courses not only strengthened my fundamental knowledge base but also gave me a deep insight into the wonderful world of science, especially biology.
In my secondary school, I gathered experience in interacting with faculty members and developed oral and written presentation skills. In addition, I have learnt basic computer skills and I have actively participated in many debate competitions. Throughout my education I have had a good academic record. Considering my abilities, I believe that I can successfully complete the under-graduate diploma in Office Administration-Health Services.
I am passionate about Health Services and I would like to join Georgian College which happens to be making waves in this sector. I selected this college for my higher education because I strongly believe that the learning environment plays a critical role in gaining knowledge and expertise. More importantly, your program is equipped with excellent laboratory and teaching facilities, which prepare students to take leading roles. I firmly believe that pursuing a diploma from Seneca College will definitely give direction to my pursuits of becoming a skilled public healthcare professional in the future so that I can serve my countrymen.

Yours sincerely
Navneet Kaur

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IELTS Speaking Part I Sample Questions # Walk

Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit, especially for those who don’t find time for exercising. However, for some people, it is a part of their daily routine while others do it only if they have a spare time for it. Jogging and brisk walking are popularly followed by people interested in fitness. Moreover, walking is also one of the best stress busters as it helps in reducing anxiety and fatigue as well. This time we are looking at some of the questions related to walking that can be asked in IELTS Speaking.

Question 1: Do you like to walk?
Answer:  I like taking long walks with my friends and sometimes alone as well. Apart from the many health benefits that it has, walking helps me to relax and spend quality time with my people. Also, it saves fuel expenses.

Question 2: Do you like to walk on your own or with others?
Answer: I usually prefer walking alone as it allows me to manage my own pace. I find it as an excellent way of keeping my body fit and also reducing the mental stress. However, I do go for walks with my family members or friends sometimes, especially to spend quality time with them.

Question 3: Would you say that your city is a good place for walking?
Answer A: Yes certainly, my city has many well-maintained parks, public lawns and pedestrian paths which make it ideal for walking.

Answer B: Not really. I live in a metropolitan city so there are very few places to walk. Nearby parks are the most popular places for walking, exercising or practising yoga/meditation.

Question 3: Do people in your country walk a lot?
Answer: Well, people residing in cities really don’t walk too much as they usually travel long distances in routine. However, the ones living in countryside walk a lot within their vicinity. The city residents consider walking as a fitness medium and prefer early morning walks.

Question 4: Do you think walking is important?
Answer: Yes, I think walking is the best and the simplest way to stay fit in today’s busy life. People hardly have time to exercise and on top of that most of the jobs are limited to the desk. Hence regular walking is indeed very important.

Question 5: Do you think walking in the countryside is better than walking in the city?
Answer: Yes, walking in the countryside is definitely better than walking in the city. The greenery and fresh air that you can enjoy in the countryside is scarce in the crowded cities. Plus, rural areas are more peaceful and pollution-free which makes them perfect for long walks.

Question 6: What could be done to improve the experience of walking in cities?
Answer: Actually a lot can be done to improve the walking experience in the cities like planting more trees, constructing parks and separate lanes for walkers all across. Moreover, there could be special walking zones with no vehicles allowed during some hours of the day.

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