IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Photograph

Photograph is that one thing that we all go back again and again and remember the times when we the photograph was clicked. With smart phones becoming part of our lives, photographs have come more alive into our lives. Let us today have a look at a cue card that talks about a photograph that you love of yourself.

Describe a photo of yourself that you like

  • when the photo was taken
  • how this photograph was taken
  • where the photo was taken
  • who took the photo

and explain why the photo was taken or why you think it is a good photo

You should say:

With smart phones, it is very difficult not to click selfies but I think the one photo that I really love of myself is not from a smart phone but a simple digital camera. It was the first year of my bachelors and I went to Shahastradhara along with my friends for celebrating a birthday.

The place was amazing and after having fun in the water we all started clicking photographs. There were some in which we all were there and then few in which we all stood alone. Out of them, there was this photo where I am smiling and have got hat on my head and the hair are perfectly falling. There is no make up and it is just simply true me and I love it. The photo has something about it, may be the positivity, the innocence or the happiness that I had during that period of life, it leaves me feeling awed about myself.

The photo was taken by my friend and she randomly clicked it without much fuss. In the background of the photograph is plain water and just strikes for nothing particular yet in combination just feels right.

There have been so many photos that I have clicked and with smart phones it just gets so much more fun to click a photo. Although, there have been so many photos but I think the one photo that I really love of myself is the one where I am sitting beside my mother. So, we were in a wedding and every one was talking but then me and my mother were having an argument, the silly arguments that a daughter has with her mother.

And in the end of the argument, I was looking at my mother with a lovely smile, while my mother was frowning. It still is a mystery to all of us as to who actually clicked the photo and when, but this is the photo that I really love. Me and my mother in a single frame, perfectly depicting the sweet and salty relationship that I share with my mother.

There is certainly no specific reason why the photo was clicked. It was like the weeding day and everyone was just randomly clicking photos, this photo is one of the random photos that clicked on the wedding days yet remains to be the most special photo that I have from the wedding.


IELTS Cue Card # Sport

Sports are surely an integral part of our lives. No matter you love any kind of sport in particular or not, there are very few chances that you might not have played one. However, most people don’t take up sports seriously until its too late. Today ,in this cue card we will be talking about a sport that you would love to learn.

You should say:

  • What sport it is ?
  • How you would learn it?
  • How difficult you think it would be to learn?

and explain why you would like to learn this sport.

Sample Answer One

I have never been a very sporty person during my childhood but the one sport that I have always played has been badminton. Growing up, I do realize the importance of sports in life and would wish to learn badminton all over again.

The company that I am working in has badminton court in it and whenever I do get time I go out to the badminton court and play with my friends and sometimes even make new friends. What I have been told from people who actually play really well is that badminton is really about stamina and your strength of arm. So, the more stamina that you have and the more power you have in your arm, the better it is.

Listening to what people have to say about badminton, I think learning it won’t be a very difficult thing but yes, mastering it would surely be. So, definitely I would be able to play some shots here and there, but beating the best and improving myself would certainly be a task.

Badminton is that one sport, I believe is actually not bounded by any of the parameters like weather and location. One can have the court anywhere and then you can just go there and enjoy the game. Even more, one can even play it with oneself with wall, i.e. shadow practicing. It improves so much in an individual and so nicely that I really do wish to be able to play badminton well.

Sample Answer Two

If ever there has been a sport that I have admired and looked at it in wonder as to how can someone even do that it definitely has to be table tennis. It has always been a wonder to me as to how can someone hit the ball so hard and then be sure that it will not fall of the small court that table tennis has.

The locality that I live in has a table tennis court that allows you to play, if you have membership and I have recently taken its membership. Although, I have just started playing the game, there have been people who have come forward to help me and have been truly encouraging. Telling me to be focused and play the game, even though it seems tough. Although, I have not started playing well, but surely I have learnt to make sure that the ball falls inside the court and not out of it.

It does not seems very difficult now, although I was very much disappointed in the initial days. With practice I believe it will be easier for me to play but surely this game will require lot of practice. The best part about the game is that it is not only about hitting the ball, it is about having a strong concentration, so if you don’t have it the game is over. Even more, it is not about thinking about the previous ball, no matter how good or bad you have played the previous ball, it is all about playing the current one in the best possible way. This has truly been a life lesson and I would love to play the game more and grab up some more of life lessons.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Environment Condition

The environment has changed since last few decades. As man has improved upon the technology, their has been a considerable decline in the environment, with some of the technologies causing more harm than ever. The ozone layer has depleted and their are clear signs of other harmful effects found in humans and animals. Today, through the cue card questions, we shall be looking on a harmful environmental problem.

Describe a harmful environmental problem.

You should say:

  • What is it
  • How it is harmful
  • What harmful effects it creates

and explain what can be done to prevent this environmental problem.

Healthy environment is the most important thing to be alive. However, with changing times and improving technologies and declining man activities there has been a considerable effect on the environment, causing lot of problems. I believe the one problem that we all are facing and will surely decline more is the reducing ozone layer effect.

Ozone layer is the most important layer for us as it helps us from the harmful effects of UV rays but with the holes in the ozone layer, it has been seen that the temperature of Earth is rising and then there are glaciers melting. Even more, since now the UV rays directly hit the humans, there are more chances of getting skin cancer and cataract. Even more, some animals are losing their fertility because of ozone layer depletion.

In addition, it causes immune system depletion in human beings, making them susceptible to all possible diseases. There has been seen effect on the plants with some plants not being able to grow well as their has been a decline in the photosynthesis and flowering. Ozone layer depletion has also caused loss of biodiversity in our oceans, rivers and lakes could reduce fish yields for commercial and sport fisheries.

There are several effects of ozone layer depletion and the scientist are working towards improving the condition of ozone. It can be done if we start planting more trees and stop using the vehicles at such an alarming rate. Even more, a shift towards industries that shed of less of smoke needs to be promoted.

enviroment problems

Our environment is on decline and there are several issues that have effected the lifestyle of human beings. One of them is the increased noise pollution. With the coming of railway, jets and vehicles, one can see that their is more of honking and unnecessary noises being created.

Noise pollution can be caused by vehicles who horn for no reasons, to the airplanes and rails and often when a rocket is launched. It doesn’t seem to harm at the first point, so if their is someone honking one wont die, but when it happens on a everyday basis, so if everyday a person is hearing only  honks or other undesirable noises, he or she becomes more irritable. Even more, the kids who have very sensitive ears are likely to be affected very badly. In  some cases, when the music was very loud, their have been cases of children going deaf.

Noise pollution is very harmful for the old people because like children they also have sensitive ears. It has been observed that it not only effects the ears but in some cases even causes heart attacks or nervous system failure.

Apart from humans, noise pollution effects the birds and the other animals, causing a shift in their behavior. Many marine animals, especially whales, use hearing to find food, communicate, defend and survive in the ocean. Excessive noises are causing a lot of injuries and deaths to whales.

These effects may not sound troubling, but the truth is, with time, the consequences can be very worrying. There are different ways by which we can surely reduce noise pollution. One of them is switching of the devices when not in use. So, fan should be switched of or the computer, because when not in use they make certain noises. Even more, construction of soundproof rooms for noisy machines in industrial and manufacturing installations must be encouraged. Also, vegetation along roads and in residential areas is a good way to reduce noise pollution as they absorb sound.

I believe we need to start working before it is too late.


IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Speech

Describe a speech that someone delivered. You should say,

  • who delivered the speech
  • what was the topic of the speech

Why did you liked/disliked the speech

I have heard numerous speeches, lectures and commentaries throughout my life, but the one speech that still gets better of me and teaches me so much was the speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford. I remember, googling something about Steve Jobs few years back because I wanted to know about him and fumbled onto his speech. There have been some speeches that I have heard before and some motivational videos that have struck me but nothing was better than his speech.

It was the commencement speech of Stanford graduate students and Steve chose to tell three stories of his life. The stories of connecting dots,

He talks of how we need to trust whatever our heart is saying and whatever is happening in the present, because no matter what, all these things will certainly do connect in the future and if we do it in the best way, it is going to stay with us for a longer period of time. And the fact that our all learning are going to get connected makes it possible to be able to just trust at whatever is happening in the present and move on with life. The next story was about love and loss. He talks of how he got fired from his own company and then went on to find love and create new ventures and finally return back to his own company. He speaks of the fact that if you love what you do, life is going to be beautiful. The third story was about death. “If you live each day as if your last, some day it will be right.” And it is very powerful because when you know everyday that you may die soon, is when you start living life like never before. Finally when he closes his speech, he says, stay hungry stay foolish. And I think it is a very powerful message.

It was after that speech that I started closely following Steve Jobs and I realized that there is lot that can be learnt from him. The way he lived his life on his three philosophies and that helped him create a new history for the world. The reason that I loved the speech was because he was not talking about hard work and sacrifice and things that people get scared off. He was talking about simple plain things, love and loss. There was no reason not to understand him and whatever he said just struck me in my heart, because it was so damn true.


What are the differences between a political speech and a speech given by a non-political person?

I think these days there seems to be a blurred line between the both, because even politicians give speeches where they talk of the benefits of the listener. But, on a very close notice, I would say a speech given by a political person has lot of promises involved but the one by a non-political person tends to have lot of examples of how things were done and how you might follow them.

What are the important aspects of a good speech?

I think a good speech is the one that strikes you in your heart and forms an impression that lasts forever. I remember listening to Barack Obama’s speech and it was so wow, that you felt so much connected to it. There was a great content that he had written but apart from that they way he delivered the speech was beyond imagination. It was as if he was on a one to one conversation with the millions of people sitting over there. So, I think a good speech is not just a great content but also the way the person delivers it.

What do you think makes a person a good speech giver?

A lot of practice makes someone perfect in anything and that is what I believe in. I think if there is someone who wants to really give good speech than he or she should practice a lot and when giving a speech it should not be that you are trying to tell someone something, so the focus shouldn’t be on making the other person listen but on making sure that you speak from the heart and when that happens, people do listen automatically.



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