IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Good News

A good news is something we all pray for. Something that always brings happiness into our lives. Good news could be on ourselves or something that we hear about others. This time we are looking at a cue card that was asked recently in the IELTS speaking test.

Describe a good news that you recently heard. You should say:

  • what was the good news
  • how did you received the news?
  • who was the news about?

also, explain your reaction on hearing the news.


We are living in times when it has become so hard for people to share a good news. Even when good things happen, people often start looking for even better things. But, this one time, I remember, I got a call from a very old friend of mine. We had not talked with each other in a while and initially, getting a call from her was in itself a really good news for me.

But, as she went on, she told me that she had won the Toastmasters Speech Contest at National level and is all set to win it Internationally. The mere fact that my friend had achieved her biggest fear and has done something worth remembering for, made both of us cry the tears of joy. Toastmasters is an International Organization where people join in to learn the art of speaking.

As I know my friend, she had the stage fright for a very long time. Being part of the group and then winning a competition of speaking at the national level, brought not only happiness but also the feeling of pride in me. She told me the competition was to be held in Delhi and I was then living there. So, we met and celebrated together with her victory.


IELTS 2017 Speaking Question # Politeness

Politeness: According to Google, politeness is a behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people. In earlier times, people communicated with each other with utter politeness, however, some people believe that in recent times, people have forgotten this trait. This time let us have a look at some questions asked in the recent IELTS speaking test on this quality trait!

Do you think you are a polite person?

I would assume myself to be considerably polite when interacting with the outer circle of people. So, presumably, I would talk nicely and try to do small talk with new people. However, once they come into the inner circle of friends, the people I care off more than other, I would say there is less of politeness to be found when talking with them. It becomes quite easier for me to show the true emotions lying beneath.

From whom did you learnt the art of politeness when you were a child?

The credit of the little politeness that I do have, goes to my mother. She has been for all of us the epitome of this quality! No matter who comes to the doors of our house, he or she is always treated equally. Rarely, do I find her losing her cool? She remains poised even in times when most of us lose it and no matter with what mistake one goes to her, she always has a beautiful way of interacting, which I really like.

How important is politeness for you?

Over a period of time, I do have realised that a certain degree of politeness is important for me. It does pinch a bit when someone talks harshly to me. With the closer group, one does not feel it much because you are communicating on the same level. But, with others, in my opinion, a certain level of respect and courtesy is expected.

How has politeness changed over time?

People have definitely become more vocal, in my opinion. It could probably because we have become more globalised or because we have found a flair for passion. There is more of individuality coming into existence and people have loosened the ties with others. So, if a child believes in his or her dreams or opinions, they are more confident to fight against even the forces of love, like parents. Earlier, it was assumed whatever the parents thought off is correct. So, there was no question of conflict.


IELTS Cue Card Questions # Practical Skills

Practical Skills – skills are the things you can do better than most of the people, things that you excel at. So, practical skills are the ones that help you deal with real life problems efficiently. So, communication skills, teamwork or Microsoft office, these are the practical skills that help individuals in their lives. This time we are looking at a cue card that talks about practical skills.

Describe a practical skill you have. You should say:

  • what the skill is
  • how often you use it
  • who taught it to you

also, explain how it helps in your life.


I would like to talk about this one skill I learned as a child, unknowingly and have been using it in every part of my life.

Back in the 1990s, when computers were initially getting there a way to our lives my father taught me to write on a computer. I mastered the skill of typing without having to look at the keyboard. While studying, when other kids made notes on their notebooks, I prepared presentations for my chapters and read through them. I made notes on the Microsoft word and learned the diagrams on paint. Back then, their importance to me was not clear.

It was when I moved to my college and then corporates, when most people were struggling with presentations, I aced them. I could make good presentations from a huge data and explain it well. This has been with my life for almost a decade and has truly helped me.

As a software engineer, my work revolves around coding and it is so much of help when you can actually focus on the code and not be divided into deciding what to type and how to type! Even more, making design documents or for that matter analyzing data using Excel is a piece of cake for me.

I believe practical skills surely help an individual in later years of life and it is the responsibility of the school and parents to teach them to their folks.



IELTS 2017 Speaking Questions # History

History! Well, the one subject most of the kids have been frightened off! The dates and the baffling names of the kings! Who can, after all, remember all of that.  This time we are looking at the recently asked questions in the IELTS speaking test on history.

  • Which historical person do you admire?

History has never been able to make me stick to it. But, the one person who made an impact on me was Mahatma Gandhi. It was a few years back when I read his autobiography, I came to know the person more than his name. The fact that I really liked about him was that he stuck with his principles in thick and thin. Surely he was not born the Mahatma that people know him, but he definitely changed himself and learned things like no one else. It amazes me even today how his truth and non-violence proved to be the best asset that helped India and South Africa gained independence.

  • Are you interested in knowing about the history?

Not particularly history but yes I have a keen desire to know about the culture of our country. In my opinion, with the globalization happening all across the world, the existing cultures are fading away. Religions are losing their importance and we are shifting towards a culture where people don’t have any grounds to live. Before that happens, I want to know about the culture of India, its history what made India what it is today.

  • Have you ever seen a historical movie?
Yes, there have been quite a few historical movies that I have seen. The one that I would like to talk about his Lagaan. The movie takes us to the time when Britishers ruled our country and we had to pay huge taxes. It is the story of a village where the villagers challenge the Britishers for a cricket match. If the Indians win, they get to be free from the heavy levied taxes, else they had to pay double the amount. It showed in a very beautiful way the ongoing mental hustle in the country and how Indians lived their lives back then. Obviously, in the end, Indians win the match and are freed of the Lagaan or the taxes.
  • Have you even been to a historical place?
India is home to a lot of historical places. I had an opportunity to visit the Mysore Palace while I was working for an IT firm.  The palace was the official residence of the Wadiyar dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Mysore. It is also known as Amba Vilas Palace and is known for its spacious halls and the beautiful gardens that it has. The palace was once burnt during the princess’ wedding and it was rebuilt. One should surely visit the palace to get a feel of the affluence in which the king lived.
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