Cue Card # interesting news

IELTS Speaking latest cue card 2016.

Describe an interesting news about which people were very excited
You should say:
• what the story was
• who was involved in the story
• where you read or heard about this story
• And explain why this news story was interesting to you.

  • Sample Answer:

I read the newspaper regularly. Today, I’m going to talk about a latest news that was exciting for many people.
The story was about India’s biggest test victory outside Asia. The Indian cricket team thrashed West Indies by an innings and 92 runs in the first test match. This was a challenging match as the opponents are known for their record breaking runs in test cricket.
I think this win was particularly crucial for the Indian team to prove their potential as the team was playing with a new coach. Apart from that, there were many young players who were participating in their first international test match. The result of this match was an achievement for the whole team and the nation.
Since cricket is a very popular sport in my hometown, almost everyone in my neighborhood was talking about this match. I found it fascinating because cricket is my favorite sport and I am the captain of my school team. We have played many state and national level matches. In the future, I want to be a part of the Indian cricket team so that I can bring laurels to my country. This thumping victory was very motivating and encouraging to me because I am a bowler and bowlers can be the game changers in this unpredictable game.


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cue card # describe a time when you were late

IELTS cue card


Describe a time when you were late for something important.
You should say:

• When it was ?
• Why you were late ?
• How you managed the situation and explain how you felt about it ?

Sample answer

late Time

Usually, I am quite punctual. But, one day I was really late for an important appointment. Today I will talk about that incident.

Two months ago, I appeared in the IELTS test. My speaking exam was scheduled on the 13th June, Monday, 9:00 am. I was supposed to report at the test venue, hotel JSR continental, Dehradun, at 8:30 am.

It rained heavily on Sunday evening and the weather forecast predicted incessant rain for a few days. Considering the bad weather, I set the alarm for 6:00 am and went to bed early. I was feeling very nervous and I couldn’t sleep well. Despite that I woke up on time. After getting ready, I left the home to catch the bus. When I reached the bus station, to my surprise, there was no bus and many commuters were stranded.
It was quite chaotic as nobody knew the reason why buses were not plying as usual. It was 7:50 am and I was still at the bus station. My anxiety was increasing enormously because there was no other mean to reach Dehradun from my village. Fortunately, a bus arrived and we boarded the bus. It took a lot of time to reach Dehradun as there was a head-on collision of a truck and a car on the main road. Looking at the site, I understood the reason why buses were running late.

Finally, I reached the center at 8:55 am. I explained the situation to the center manager and requested him to allow me to appear in the interview. He was very understanding. Later, I was given the permission to give the interview. Even though I was very late but I didn’t lose hope. In the end everything worked out well. I did my best. I thanked god for everything and went home happily.


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Graph # Leisure activities by males and females in the USA

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The bar chart below provides information about the time spent in leisure activities by males and females in the USA in 2014.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

leisure activities by males and females in the USA

leisure activities by males and females in the USA

Sample Answer:

The bar graph compares the amount of time men and women expended every day in different leisure and sports activities in America in 2014.
One striking feature of the chart is that watching TV was the favorite free time activity for both the genders. On average, males spent 3 hours daily in front of their TV sets while women spent 2.6 hours. Socializing and interacting with family and friends was the next most preferred form of recreation, accounting for 0.7 hours per day for both males and females.
It is also noticeable that men devoted more time to other leisure activities, sports, exercise and using electronic devices like computers for playing games or for entertainment as compared to women. On the other hand, the opposite was true for reading as females expended 0.4 hours daily on this activity whereas men spent merely 0.3 hours. Interestingly, thinking or relaxing were equally popular among both sexes. This form of entertainment accounted for 0.3 hours daily for both men and women.
Overall, there are minor differences in the amounts of times males and females spent in different leisure and sport activities but watching TV was the activity which occupied the most time.

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