Cue card: Describe something you got for free

IELTS Cue card: Describe something you got for free

Describe something you got for free.
You should say:

  • what it is/was
  • when you got it
  • how you got it
  • and explain how you felt about it.

Sample answer:

Things for which we don’t have to pay have their own charm. Today, I’m going to talk about one such time when I got something for free.

I live in Dehradun. Last week I planned to go to Chandigarh to visit a close friend. She loves toffees and chocolates. Whenever I visit her, I buy some chocolates or a small present for her. But, this time I forgot to take anything for her.

On the way, the bus stopped for some time. I hurriedly got down and bought a box of chocolates. The journey was quite long, I was hungry too, so I took one bar from the box. When I unwrapped it, I saw a Domino’s Pizza coupon of 1000 INR. It was quite hard to believe first, but when I checked it thoroughly and called the given number, its validity was confirmed.

One can imagine how I would have felt. Certainly, I was more than happy. When I reached Chandigarh, my friend and I went to Domino’s. We used the coupon which I found in the bar. We ordered one big pizza, cold drinks and dessert – almost everything for free. We had to pay a small amount only. We enjoyed the meal and returned home. It became a memorable day for both of us.



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