Cue Card: A expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily

IELTS Cue Card- A expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily

Describe an expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily
You should say:
• What it is
• Why it is expensive
• Why you wish to pursue it
And explain when you are planning on doing it in near future.

Sample Answer

Hobbies cultivate a man. There are lot of different hobbies like drawing, dancing, painting etc. that I’ve pursued since childhood. A hobby I’ve developed in my late teens is travelling.

Social networking sites today are flooded with people posing and writing about their vivid travel stories. This is inspiring young travel enthusiasts like me to take up bits and pieces from their side and have some amazing travel experiences. But, travelling isn’t a hobby that I can always manage, especially on a student budget. It turns out to be quite expensive. Travelling involves lot of expenditure on accommodation, transport and food etc.

Travelling is food for the soul. I think that everybody will agree to this idea. Travelling helps one adapt to different cultures and understand the people and places. It makes one open from the bondages of stereotypes and uplifts one’s horizons. On a personal level, travelling has helped me a lot. It has made me a more awakened person and helped me build my self confidence. One can travel both with friends and alone. I prefer travelling alone as it gives me a lot of time to pursue my own passion and activities which aren’t so often done on normal days.

I plan on going for a cultural trip to Pondicherry in the coming holidays. To make it possible I have been surfing the internet to find affordable hotels to stay. I wish to go there as the place has a rich French influenced architecture. It’s known for its historical monuments and special dishes. I plan on experiencing a part of their culture and their lives. According to me, travelling can be pursued by anybody irrespective of the age and gender constraints. It’s a hobby that one must cultivate.



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