Spellings Matter In IELTS

Although often neglected, spelling matter in IELTS. Spelling play a very important role in deciding your band in IELTS. A correct spelling could save you good marks in Listening as well as in lexical resource. Although few incorrect spellings are ignored, but if you make many, it could lead you to a trap hole. Today, I bring to you few of the common English spelling we often get confused on.

1.Till and Until-: often it seems that since till has two l in the end, until will have two l, since all we are doing is adding un to it. How to remember this? Let us just say, sine two words are added in front of it, it loses the two l, making it until.( this is no logical explanation, it is just a way to remember).

2.Forth and Fourth-: Both of these words are pronounced similar. But, forth means to move forward, but fourth means the number four. How to remember this? Easy enough. The one that spells like “four” refers to it. The other one is forward.

These spellings could sound trivial, but when written wrong or understood wrong, could create a havoc in your exam.

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