Never Assume You Have Failed


It is IMPORTANT to be psychologically prepared for the IELTS test . It happens to many people during their exams that something unexpected happens and they panic. Some test takers assume they have failed (without even knowing it for sure) and naturally that affects their performance.

It’s not over until it’s over. There are parts of the IELTS assessment that are confidential and in many cases we may think that something will ruin our score when in fact it may affect it a little or not at all.


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What Matters In Food # Essay For IELTS

Most people are not interested how their food has been produced. They only care about how much it costs. How true is this statement? What influences people to buy food?
Write at least 250 words.

Food is the next most important thing a person requires to be alive, after water. The better you eat, the better your body will be and the more effectively you will live. Although the importance of food cannot be denied it has been seen that there are many people who are more interested in the cost of the food rather than how the food is prepared. Although everyone wants to lead a happy life and eat healthy, it sometimes so happens that the circumstances, moulds the way they take decision.

Financial condition is the most important factor for the choice taken. The people who are poor often don’t even get food, let alone of high quality, so when they do get it, they often are only bothered about the money it will cost. Even more the middle class men, although eat healthy and regular food, but they still can’t fudge over the quality of food as it has so happened in recent times that the better the quality the costlier it will be. This trend of cost vs quality has recently taken importance with the population of the world increasing in the past decade.

Therefore while choosing food, there are many factors that come into picture. Firstly, the cost. For example-: a person can easily
give 500 bucks for weekly vegetables but spending 500 bucks on a single meal is not what everyone can afford. Secondly, quality matters. Most of the people do look for good quality food. It is usually the middle of cost and quality that people go for. Thirdly, taste is often considered as it is the only way they can fulfill the palate. Most people have their favorite flavors and spices and prefer eating them.

Overall, quality of food is the one area that often gets neglected in the fight between money and standard of living. Although this trend is changing with the rise of middle class, it continues to be same in the poorer section.


Life In Singapore

Working is one thing. Living life is another. If you want to work hard and live life all at once, come to Singapore and live life in Singapore.

No Discrimination
Singapore is one of those countries which takes racism seriously. There is a strong racial and religious harmony in Singapore. People of Singapore are honest, highly disciplined and extremely hard-working. In Singapore, there is respect for seniority, authority and social norms. The lifestyle in Singapore is multi-cultural with ethnic communities Chinese, Malays and Indians maintaining their unique lifestyle and living harmoniously.
Highest Level Of Health And Sanitation
Singapore being one of the cleanest cities is renowned for its highest levels of health care infrastructures, health-care industry, doctors and specialist, and nutrition. There are strong laws against littering in Singapore. Students abroad will find hygiene and cleanliness imbibed in its system, with a fine even for falling to flush a toilet after use. Singaporean government encourages a healthy life style and diet and people are engaged in a lot of physical activities.
Singapore has one of the greatest street foods in the world. Studying becomes lot more fun with the great recreation activities going on in Singapore. The food culture attracts the foodies in this vibrant place. Movies, music concerts, art festivals and lot more happens in Singapore frequently.

People in Singapore know how to live life. They work hard and then party hard.