Prepare For Interview

Interviews are inevitable part of ones life. It could be an interview for admission in a university or for getting a job. No matter what the interview is for, make sure you give it your best shot. But then how to give your best shot? How to prepare for interview?

Prepare For The Questions-:
An interview usually has three types of questions. The behavouriour type, questions to think and questions to ask. A behaviour question is the one related to your work or the activity you did or about your education. Question to think are think are the questions about your future plans. in the end you are given a chance to question. Make sure you know about the organization well, and ask a question related to it. Make sure you know what you have to say for a question. You need not to cram answers but the points must be clear
CV is important
A great deal of questions are asked from your CV. Make sure you prepare your CV well. you’re your cv and ask yourself questions. Pinpoint the main things about your CV and make a detailed study of it. You must know each and everything about it

You need to maintain good body postures and behave well. you need to look well and decent. Remember to be calm, during the entire interview and remain positive.

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Saying No To Boss

You cannot always say a yes and this is a fact. Saying yes to everyone could lead to a big no for you. Although you can say a direct no to people you do not care about, it often becomes difficult to say a no, especially if the person is your boss. This problem becomes more severe if you are a non-native speaker and you just landed yourself a job in abroad.


What to do if you want to say a no to your boss? Can you say it? There is always a dilemma. What if? What if I get fired? What if the boss sees me as a lazy chap? What then? Well, you can always say a no. but surely, you cannot say it directly. For example-:

Your boss asks you to do a particular job and you already have a job that is pretty much important. What to do?
You can say, sure I can do this. But then I wont be able to do the earlier job assigned to me. Now, tell me which job you want me to do?
It might seem simple but it is quite effective. Why effective? First because you give the other person a sense that they still have the power. After all they are the ones making the choice. Second, you never said a no. your first reaction was a yes. so, this will surely not bring a negative impact on your conversation. Third, you save yourself from the burden.

You are not a machine rather a human. You can say a no but you should know how to say it.

Listen Well In IELTS

Are you one of those who go bizarre listening to English and wonders, how am I even going to do it? Are you scared or may be worried about how you are going to do well in your IELTS exam? Is listening section the root cause of that issue? Well if you are one of those, don’t worry. There is always a solution to the problem and that makes the problem important.


Read the instructions carefully. How you are going to perform in this section completely depends on how well you understand the instructions. Remember these are not trivial. There may be chances that the instructions tell you the word limit to answer questions. So, read carefully.


Try to find the keywords and underline them. Now find the synonyms of these keywords. I know there is lot to be done in those thirty seconds, but this is something you really cannot miss.


Don’t write the first thing that sounds right. There are chances that they may say something at the first shot and then say completely different the next moment. And the one said later is correct.


The very moment you get to know what the topic is, start organizing the vocabulary related to that topic.


Remember, to write answers carefully. Don’t use abbreviations until you know what they mean in the native language. It would be although better, you don’t use them while writing answers. Check the spelling and grammar. Make sure to use the words as you listen and don’t try to rephrase them.


If you get lost, while listening, don’t panic. The keywords you marked earlier could be a great help. If you don’t understand move on with the next thing. At times you just remember or able to make a good guess of the answer.

Remember, the more confident you are, the better you will perform.