IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Computer Effects

We are living in a world that is surrounded or entirely dependent on computers. Be it the coffee shop that we go in or the big enterprises that tend to rule the world, computers have made their presence felt everywhere. However, there are many people out there who believe, that computers although have made our lives easier, have made people dumb. This time we are listening to a BBC 6 minute audio that revolves around the question of are computers making us dumb!!

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. What is the short for application?
  2. What is the computer program for a specific purpose called?
  3. Which verb is used to talk about linking or joining one thing to another?
  4. When was  the first desktop presented by Olivetti in New York?
  5. Which word means that the computer has stopped working suddenty?
  6. What is the ability to do something well because you have practised it well called?
  7. What is the natural ability to do something called?
  8. Which word describes our ability to imagine and understand what other people might be feeling?
  9. What is the full form of GPS?
  10. Which software helps in avoiding making spelling mistakes when typing  on a computer?
  11. What was the first digital computer called?
  12. What was the initial price of the world’s first digital computer?
  1. app
  2. application
  3. to connect
  4. 1965
  5. crash
  6. skill
  7. talent
  8. empathy
  9. Global positioning system
  10. spellchecker
  11. Programma 101
  12. US$3200


IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Effect Of Computers

Computers are everywhere and the effect of computers can be seen everywhere. No matter you have a degree on computer science or not, in the present era, we all are surrounded by computers. It is very common to see people using computers and a new form of literacy has come around the corner, people who can use computers and the ones that cannot.

Let us today have a look at some the questions asked in IELTS speaking section related to computers and their possible answers.

When was the first time that you saw a computer?

I remember seeing a computer for the first time at my house. My father had got it for my mother as she was doing a computer course at that time. It was because of her that I got acquainted with computers in the initial years of my life.

Do you have a computer at your house?

I don’t have a computer at present because the desktop that I earlier used is still at my native town and I have shifted to a new city. But, I am planning to soon buy a laptop.

How is a computer important for you? Why?

I am a professional blogger and for me computer is my work place. If it is not there, I have nothing else to do. My work entirely depends on it and so too an extent my life as well.

When do you use a computer and for what purpose?

I use a computer for almost everything that I do these days. Be it writing or paying bills or may be staying connected with my friends. I truly believe that computers have taken the world by storm and made all our lives simpler.

When did you start using computers?

I remember using computers when I was in class III. My mother taught me the basic use of it, like opening it and closing it and then may be the windows office suite. So, it was in my initial years that I learnt making presentation and writing documents. And I believe that this is something that has truly helped me in my later years of life.

What was your impression (or feeling) when you used a computer the first time?

It was truly amazing. I remember my mother teaching me how to make presentations and then adding the slide effects on them. I was fascinated by the fact that on doing slide show I could actually see things popping from here and there. And then I could colors do animations and so much more.

Have computers changed (influenced) your life in any way? (If yes, how?)

Definitely yes. Computers define my career path. I think in today’s world computers have truly changed our lives. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, but it was when I started doing blogging for a website and opened my own blog, did I realized how much I loved writing. It also helped me turn my passion into bread earner for me.
Are computers used much in your country?

Computers are being used very much in my country. You could see them in offices, schools, shops, almost everywhere. People are using them for different purposes and with our Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘digital India’ it is believed that the use of computers in our country will surely expand.


Do you think computers are important for everyday life?

I would say, Yes. They surely make our lives much more easier and simpler. Like, you need not to stand in those long queues any more. One can just pay the bills or order anything online, making it so much more easier. With globalization taking place, we have seen that people are going far off places for jobs and studies, computers help people stay connected with their near and dear ones.

What do you think are the benefits of computers?

Computers are truly beneficial in lot of ways and areas. They have made medical complexities simpler with the invention of lot of new devices. There is this artificial heart that can actually make a person live longer. Also, these days doctors are using computers to interact with other doctors helping them solve cases. Computers have also transformed the education industry. People are now taking online courses for free from the world’s best universities, adding to their resumes.

Do you think there are any disadvantages to computers?

I think everything comes with its own pros and cons. Computers surely do have their own. They have made people more lazy for one. You can now find everyone, be it kids or elders, stuck to their computer screen and doing so much less of physical activity. Also, with people being able to interact easily on computers, you find it difficult to have real time conversations and build relationships.



IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Computers

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. We tend to use them more often then ever and it is very rare that people don’t know how to use them. With such increase in their usage, it becomes lot more obvious that you might have some questions related to computers. Let us today have a look at some of the questions and their possible answers.

Do you often use computers?

I work as a system engineer in a company and my entire work is on computers. So, I use it very often. Apart from work, with every thing becoming online, it becomes very obvious to use computers to do the transactions and other household things online.

I am not very much into computers. For some reasons, they tend to freak me out. I know that these days it is very important to know how to use them, and I do know the basic operations. But I prefer doing things out of the computer machine. Like there is more fun shopping in a real shop as compared to the online. You get to know people, spend time with them and for me it is always better.


How do you usually get online?

I have wifi installed in my house. So, all my family members connect to it for using internet.

I have recently shifted to my place and for internet I still rely on my dongle and the smart phone that I have. Although, I am thinking of installing a modem very soon.

Do you prefer desktops or laptops?

I would say definitely laptops. They are so very easy. You can carry them wherever you want to and do whatever you want to. I being a writer, it is very important for me to be able to move out of places and laptops do provide me with that freedom.

I like desktops more than laptops. The reason being they ensure that work is not carried forward to home. I did had laptop earlier but with that it became so much more easy for me to do work even at home leaving me no time for my loved ones. So, I like desktops as when you sit there you know that you are there for work and once you are out of it, you can live life.

What do you use your computer for?

My computer is my perfect companion. I am a freelance blogger so it is the place where I do my entire blogging thing. There are times when I need to pen down some things or search internet for something or make note of, it is all done on my computer. Apart from this, I prefer doing the bank transactions and the billing work online itself.

Do you think it is important for everyone to know how to use computers?

I think definitely yes. We have moved from the industrialization era to this digital era. Every thing in today’s world is digital and online. Starting with there are so many jobs being offered online, universities offering online courses and with coming of google and other efficient search engines, it has become lot more easier to get knowledge and a job. Even banks and other government services can now be easily availed online. I believe with so much happening, it does makes sense to learn how to use computers.