Study In Australia # Eligibility

There are many who dream to study in Australia, and it is totally worth it. But then, is dreaming enough?? No, you need to work towards your dream to make sure that the dreams are fulfilled. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria for studying in Australia.

Besides the English requirements there are two basic things that need to be considered while applying for Australian Universities.

Undergraduate Studies 

  1. Australian Year 12 Qualification and Equivalents – In Australia, the education system is based upon the 13 years of school level education which includes primary and secondary. Every state in Australia has its own secondary school certificate which are recognized by all Australian universities. The universities also recognize a wide range of secondary school certificates from other countries as being equivalent to the Australian Year 12 qualifications. This includes the 10+2 completion from India.
  2. Pre- requisites subjects – Some courses require you to pass some pre-requisite subjects. This means that you must have passed those subjects as entry level qualification. This is because the first year subjects of the course assume that students have a good basic knowledge of this subject at Australian Year 12 level.

Postgraduate Studies

  1. Masters degree and graduate diploma – Most Australian universities accept the graduation level of India i.e. 10+2 and minimum three years of graduation for entry into post graduation. But often, entry into colleges is complex and difficult.
  2. PhD and Postgraduate diploma – For Postgraduate diploma, the student should have a recognized master degree in an appropriate field. For PhD, though each application is assessed on individual basis, a good master degree is essential.


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