SoP for BBA in Canada

SoP for BBA in Canada

“The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work” – Agha Abedi
Undoubtedly, the organisations which follow this approach create the most productive work environments. In fact, many research findings show that the difference between well-managed and poorly-managed companies largely depends on the quality of people they hire as managers. Therefore, all companies right from major corporations to independent businesses need skilled managers in order to succeed.
Thoughtfully planned business management courses can inculcate the high level of knowledge and attributes which managers require to take the leading roles. I aim to pursue a Bachelor’s course in Business Administration that will provide a strong foundation on entrepreneurialism and how the management world functions. Academically, I obtained 8.4 CGPA in 10th grade from Asian Public School, Chandigarh, India in the year 2015. I performed very well in all subjects in 10th class but my interests in social sciences motivated me to choose Humanities stream in my senior secondary school. This stream included 5 major subjects namely psychology, economics, history, geography and English. I was fascinated with psychology and economics.
Psychology gave me an insight into the issues employees face in an organization. The quote “Employees never leave bad companies, they leave bad bosses” by Beverly Kaye influenced me deeply. . . . write 400 more words of your wish.

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