Safety In Abroad

The most important thing that a country provides you is safety. We always feel safe at our home or our home country. Study abroad could be a challenge for many because safety in abroad is your responsibility. Your parents won’t be there to feed you or tell you what to do and what not to. Although this is a challenge, abroad study actually helps you with this experience. Once you are done with facing the challenge you become better version of you.

But still, how to ensure safety in a foreign land?
Well there could be many for an individual but some of the most general tips to ensure safety are-:

  1. Learn the emergency contact numbers of the country you will be living. You could even save it on your phone. But it is better you learn them.
  2. Health is important. Make sure before you leave for the country, visit a travel clinic, 2-3 months before you leave.
  3. There are things you are never certain of. Have a emergency evacuation insurance done. So that if there is a war or a calamity in the country and you need to evacuate, you are saved from the financial losses.

Danger is everywhere. you can never be sure of your safety. But make sure to make attempts, such that if the danger arrives you are prepared to deal with it.


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