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Manner Etiquette Customs-

The three most important words of the English language; not because they are of high density or you get extra marks if you use them but because it hardly matters if you know these words but it makes a hell lot of a difference if you apply them.
But let’s first begin by understanding what they are-

Manner is a way of doing things or the way of handling things but manners refers to the ways you behave with others. Manners depend on individual, culture, race and the development of the country as a whole. The core of good manners is kind heart, mercy, politeness etc. there are many aspects of good manners and can be shown at different occasions.
Etiquette are the formal rules of correct behavior in a society or amongst members of a particular profession. It is something that has evolved over centuries in a society. They are standards such as equality between men and women or being kind to children etc.
Custom is an accepted way of behaving or doing things in a society. For example- custom of giving gifts in diwali. A custom usually puts demands on individual that he or she is obliged to do.

Manners, etiquette and customs represent individual’s grooming and upbringing. They helm him or her to live respectfully in society.
You can get through life with bad manners but it is easier with good manners.


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