Campus Placements

There is always a scope for getting a job on-campus i.e. the campus you are studying in. but what exactly is an On- Campus Placement In United States Of America?

On- Campus Placements In United States Of America

includes the following-


    1. It is the work performed on the school’s premises directly for your school. It could be a work that is affiliated to grant or assistantship.
    2. An on-campus placement could also be a work performed for on-location commercial firms, which provide services for students on campus. It could be school bookstore or cafeteria. Although jobs such as a construction company building a school building, is not deemed as an on-campus job.
Campus Placements

Campus Placements

  1. Work performed at an off-campus location that is educationally affiliated with the school, comes under on-campus job. The educational affiliation must be associated with the school’s curriculum or related to a research project at the post-graduate level.

On campus placements is related to your college and your curriculum. Go on, study abroad, do things, remember, everything you do there should either add to your memories or experience or resume.