Social Life In USA

Society plays a very important role in making who you are. it is one of those things you cant even live without nor you can live in. but then there are certain ways by which you can have fun , do what you love and still be part of it. Although saying and following it is quite easy when we are in our home town but it becomes quite a challenge when studying abroad. Although every country has its own charm and history when it comes to the united states, there is something more to it.

So, how to develop a social life in United States Of America? Do you really need one? Aren’t you there to study? Yes you are there to study but there is much more to it.

The moment you enter the college in the states the first thing that will happen is “ The International Student Orientation Program”, traditionally coordinated by the admissions office or the office of international program. Although orientation programs vary from college to college, the basic reason for all of them is to introduce the non US students to the life at college. There would be topics about immigration, academic advice, library sources, public safety, medical services etc.

The campus is designed to foster friendship. So you would easily find a student activities center. It helps you to learn about the different programs or activities about to happen in the college. It could be a newspaper staff or outdoor club or chorus or dance, whichever one you prefer.

The best way of developing friendships is to know yourself. You are not there to learn about their culture. It is a kind of culture exchange that takes place. When you ask them about their culture, they are often equally interested in knowing yours. And if you don’t know about your culture, could be a problem for you.
Americans are very friendly and still are not friends. I am not trying to be mean with them, but the point is they tend to greet you very friendly. Sometimes you could find them asking stuff about you and then go and ask it to someone else. You could feel as if they are being rude, but for them that is a way of greeting people. They greet everyone politely and sometimes more friendly. It is better to know that they are just acquaintances. Making friends is lot more tougher. There is no issue with Americans. It is just like making friends in a new place. Sometimes things will hit you straight on your head, sometimes they will work out for you.

Remember not to be pushy. If someone wants to be your friends they will make equal efforts and you will know it.

So, make friends but don’t be pushy about it. Learn to live happily with the things you have. May be things don’t work out right, work harder. Remember you are there to enjoy the time of your life, and this will only happen if you have a work life balance. Make sure you have one.

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