Idioms For May 9 #10

If you really want to achieve high score in IELTS, hit the nail on the head.

Break a leg-:
Sentence-: As I was going for the interview, my father told me to break a leg.
Meaning-: It is an expression used to wish people good luck
Hit the books-:
Sentence-: I need to hit the book for tomorrow’s test or I may fail.
Meaning-: to study
Let the cat out of the bag-:
Sentence-: I think it is long time now, you need to let the cat out of the bag.
Meaning-: to disclose a secret
Hit the nail on the head
Sentence-: while writing essays you need to hit the nail on the head
Meaning-: do something in the most effective and efficient manner.
When pigs fly
Sentence-: I will accept defeat when the pigs fly.
Meaning-: something that will never happen

Break a leg IELTS taker.

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