Imperative Sentence

Imperative sentences are the ones that are used to make a command, request or express a desire. An imperative sentence can either be simple, compound or complex. Some of the simplest sentences in English are the imperative sentences.

For example-:

  • Stop!
  • Go!

Note: don’t get confused as to why I have used an exclamation mark if it is an imperative sentence!An imperative sentence can either end with a period or an exclamation mark depending on the strength of the emotion.
Examples Of Imperative Sentence

  • Shut the door!
  • Can I have your pen, please.
  • Just do it.

Note: an imperative sentence need not to necessarily have a please while making a request; however, you can add it if you want.
You must be wondering where is the subject in imperative sentences. Well, an imperative sentence always has a subject and it is “YOU”.
[you] open the door.
[you] please, give me your notebook.

Imperative Verbs

Imperative sentences contain verbs in the imperative form. This means that the verb is used to either make a command or request or desire. These verbs can be used as objects in other sentences.
For example-:

  1. TALK politely.
    You are not allowed to talk here.
  2. TURN off the radio.
    We took a wrong turn and got late for the show.

Imperative sentences can even be used in academic papers and are often used to increase depth in your writing.

Grammar Rules For Imperative Sentence
  1. We can make imperative sentences with bare infinitives (without to).
    For Example-:
    Be strong.
    Let him go.
    You dare not touch it.

  2. When making negative imperative sentences use don’t or do not.
    For Example-:
    Don’t mess with the teachers.
    Do not enter into the room without knocking.

  3. The name of the person can be written in an imperative sentence, but that is usually at the end of the sentence.
    For example-:
    Please pass me the book, Nitika.

  4. If you are talking to more than one person use the pronoun “you” to make a distinction.
    For example-:
    You park the car and you come along with me.
    You wait here while I’ll send them off.


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