Declarative Sentence

Declarative sentences are the most common type of English sentences. Either it is a bold statement or a simple fact, the purpose of declarative sentences is to give information. A declarative sentence always ends with a period. However, a declarative sentence cannot be used to express a command or a question. They simply relay information.

A declarative sentence always has a subject and a predicate.
                                   SUBJECT + PREDICATE
A subject can either be a simple subject or a compound subject. A compound subject is one which is made of more than one subject combined with a conjunction.

  • India was cooperative during the period of sanctions.
  • I have an appointment with the doctor at 1:00 p:m.
  • It is a nice day to go out to the beach.
  • I am leaving for United States tomorrow.
Increase Band In Writing

Increase Band In Writing

While writing an essay, a compound declarative sentence can help you make your essay more interesting to read. So, all of those preparing for IELTS or TOEFL or any other exam, make sure you learn how to write compound declarative sentence. Some of the ways you can write them are-:

  • You can use either a comma or a conjunction to join sentences.
    For example-: the students and the teachers worked hard, looking forward to getting good scores in the exam.
  • You can even use a semi-colon to join two sentences. In this case the second sentence is usually closely related to the first one.
    For example-:The manager did not approved the plan; he mentioned the changes to be made.NOTE: While using semi colons remember not to overdo them.
  • Another way of making a declarative sentence is to put a transition word along with a semi colon.
    For example-:
    The school is closed till 12 July; however, the administration department will be open.

Remember, you get good score in writing task if you use variety of sentences. They could be simple, complex or compound.


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