Express Anger With Phrasal Verbs

We all have expressions. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad and sometimes angry. When you will be giving the speaking section, there could be chances that you need to explain to the examiner what the things you don’t like are. In such cases, always saying, I don’t like this and then I hate that, would quite annoying for them, and could lead to you loosing marks. Phrasal verbs could be a good rescue for you.

Verb is an action. Phrasal verb has a preposition with it. Phrasal verbs are very common when we speak. The most interesting part about them is that the preposition attached to the verbs can change the meaning of these words. For e.g. , get off and get into. Although they have the same verb get, the preposition has changed their meaning. Get off means to go away and get into means to get excited about doing something.
So, let’s get started with the phrasal verbs to express anger.

Suppose you don’t like loud music. When you hear it, you tend to get a little angry. So, we will now try to describe it using the following phrasal verbs.
1.Gets to ___-: loud music gets to me.
2.Winds _____ up-: loud music winds me up.
3.Piss _____ off-: this one is a little rude. Loud music pisses me off.
4.Works___ up-: loud music works me up.
5.Ticks ___ off-: loud music ticks me off.
All of these mean to make someone angry or to make angry. You can replace the “___” with anything you like. For e.g. loud music winds her up. Or corruption usually works Indians up.

So, go on, use them and express yourself more.

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