How To Cancel The IELTS ?

Uncertainty is the one thing that can cross you at any time. There may be a case when you want to cancel or postpone your IELTS exam. Although this is possible, it depends on when you are requesting for the cancellation.

Cancel before five weeks of the exam

If you cancel your IELTS exam at least five weeks prior to your exam, you are given a refund and you are required to fill in an application form. If the form is accepted you receive the cheque of the refund in the address specified by you in the form.

Cancel within five weeks of the exam

If you cancel within five weeks because of some medical reasons, you need to provide the original medical certificate. In case of serious illness, you will receive a refund. But if the illness is thought not to be serious, you may not get any refund.
If you cancel the test, because of the bereavement of a family member, again, you need to provide valid proof if you want a refund.
If you cancel for any other reason, you don’t get any refund.



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