Bar graphs

bar graphs

Writing task one: bar graphs

You will be given one or more bar graphs. Your task is to describe the information given in the graph by writing a 150 word report. You are not asked to give your opinion. You should spend around 20 minutes on the task.
What is being tested is your ability to:

• objectively describe some graphic information
• compare and contrast
• report on an impersonal topic without the use of opinion
• use the language of graph description

Guidelines for a good answer
Does the report have a suitable structure?
• Does it have an introduction, body and conclusion?
• Does it include connective words to make the writing cohesive within sentences and paragraphs?
Does the report use suitable grammar and vocabulary?
• Does it include a variety of sentence structures?
• Does it include a range of appropriate vocabulary?
Does the report meet the requirements of the task?
• Does it meet the word limit requirements?
• Does it describe the whole graph adequately?
• Does it focus on the important trends presented in the graphic information?


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