Understanding IELTS Passage

what the passage is about?

what the IELTS passage is about?

You need not to read the entire passage to answer the IELTS questions. Let us see if not by entirely reading it, how can we do it.

Understanding IELTS Passage

Reading passages are not only text, they also have other things included.

These things can be:

  1. Titles
  2. Paragraph headings
  3. Sub-headings
  4. Italicized or bold type
  5. Pictures
  6. Diagrams & other visual information
  7. Tables & charts


We can use these things to help you to intelligently guess or “predict” what the passages are going to be about and what kind of information you might expect to find in them. You can do this even if you don’t really know anything about the topic because you will always find that you have some ideas about the topic and, even if those ideas may not be correct, they will help a lot in predicting.


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