Tips # Use of connectors in IELTS Writing task

IELTS Writing task Tips

Use of connectors in IELTS Writing task-

The connectors or connecting words in English are expressions that are generally used to improve the flow of your writing as well as speaking. It helps create a link between two sentences or paragraphs. These words and phrases link the candidate’s thoughts in a more cohesive way thereby leading to a smooth communication. 

The common connectors used in writing are-

  • On the contrary– (stating by suggesting that opposite is the case)

Example- On the contrary, I didn’t even wanted to go for the party.

  • At the same time– (at once)

Example- The public should take precautions but at the same time the government must initiate too. 

  • Even though– (despite the fact that)

Example- Even though he was rude, I helped him at the time of need.

  • Furthermore- (in addition)

Example- Reading is a good habit, furthermore, it can improve one’s vocabulary and communication skills. 


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