Sports # Part I

The following questions are the forward of the part 1 of speaking section.

Do you play any sports?


What are the most popular sports in your country?

Good question. My country bleeds cricket. I think it is that one sport that connects everyone.

You can see children, adults, girls all indulged in it. So, either they are playing it or watching it. And the cricket sports people are treated like some stars. Although, there are even some who love football and it is even getting promoted commercially. I hope someday we will treat every sport with equal passion and respect.

Is it better to play sport or watch it?

I think it depends on the situation. For instance if it is a world cup or a major tournament it is a good idea to watch it but otherwise it is always better to play it. Playing sport helps in inculcating team spirit and is also good for health.

Can sport be dangerous?

Every sport comes with its conditions and securities. Not following them can surely land anyone into trouble. For instance, if you don’t wear a helmet while playing cricket you are more likely to get hurt. So, yes a sport and in that sense anything could be dangerous, if you don’t take considerations into proper account.

Do men and women play different sport?

Yes, but I think the gap is getting reduced with time. For example, although there could be more men playing boxing but then there are even some women who do play it. in general, there surely is difference. Girls mostly prefer, badminton or kho kho or volleyball or tennis. Men like to play football or cricket or boxing.

Thank You very much.


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