Speaking Part 2 (Cue card): when you wanted to help someone.

Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
Talk about a situation when you wanted to help someone but you had limited time.
    • When it was?
    • Where it was?
    • What the situation was?
    • How you felt about this lack of time?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue card): when you wanted to help someone Best IELTS Band 7 Coaching in Dehradun

Sample Answer

As a philanthropist, I am generous and have concern for humanity. I utilise my time, energy and other resources to help others. The nature serves and supports the mankind without expecting anything in return. Likewise, we should also serve others unconditionally as often as we can. It takes around an hour to reach office from my home. So, I usually leave at 7:45 am every day to reach office in time. Few days ago, by chance, I got late for the office as my alarm clock did not ring in the morning. Moreover, that day I had to give a presentation to the board.

While on the way to office, I stopped my car at traffic signal. Suddenly, I saw an old man sitting across the road and had bare minimum clothes over his body. He was chilled to the bone due to extreme cold weather. He was probably starving and looking for some food. I really wanted to help him by giving him my blazer and some money so that he could buy some food and clothes. The moment I decided to get off the car to help him, the traffic started moving due to green signal. I was unable to stop my car in the moving traffic. Moreover, I was getting late for the presentation as well. Therefore, I did not wait anymore and continued moving towards my office.

I felt as helpless as I had to choose between the duty and desire to serve. That incident shook me to the core and I kept thinking about that old man throughout the day. Although I was appreciated and applauded for the presentation by the board members, I was still feeling deficient and desolate.

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