Prepare For IELTS

Do you know what exactly IELTS is? Do you know why you want to take it? Are you aware of the fact that it is not like any other competition that you give just because your parents asked you to do so? IELTS is not just an exam; it is the first step you take towards your dream. Make sure the dream is yours and not a show off. Because if it is a show off, remember you will have to pay a hell amount for that.

This in no way means that IELTS is scary. The simple fact is that once you get a good score in IELTS you would be going abroad. A new experience, different culture, new difficulties and you need to find new ways to solve them.
Assuming that you know what you are doing, and not just playing around, how to prepare for IELTS?
I say take the first step. Get to know what IELTS is about. What is the format of the exam? What are the different types of questions that are asked? Why do you want to take IELTS? Which version of IELTS would suit you? Once you are familiar with IELTS, go for the real preparation.

Mark a target for yourself. it could be a band 8 or a 9.
Go on find the resources for them.
Practice a lot. Take as many mock tests as you can.
Always remember, confidence is the most important thing. Have it in yourself. Don’t be over confident, but then never ever assume you can’t do it. Go, give your heart out to it, and see how the cards fall after that.


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