IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Mobile Application

Describe an app you use in your mobile phone.
You should say:

  • what it is?
  • how you use it?
  • what benefits do you get from it?

and explain why this mobile app is important to you.

Sample Answer1:

There are several applications that I have downloaded on my smart phone but I think the one application that is very important for me and I cannot barely live without is definitely youtube. The best part about the application is that I can put the videos that I like in offline mode and watch them anytime I want to and even more, the videos don’t take up my phone’s memory but are stored in some server making space for more things that I can do on my phone.

I have made my account on google using which I use the youtube application. This application was pre installed in my smart phone and I remember watching lot of videos on it, before doing a video offline. It has been almost more than four years since I have been using this application whenever I need to find out something. It could be a lecture on a course that I am taking or may be a song that I want to listen. Also, almost all movies upload their trailers on this site, which can be accessed using this application. It is more like that friend you need when there is no one around.

mobile application

I remember learning DBMS, a course important for my job taking from this application and doing a great job. The reason this app is so important for me is because using it I can learn so much and be updated about the social life and then get updated about the latest news or songs or everything that is happening in this world. It is so easy and yet so powerful.

Sample Answer2:

My smart phone had some pre installed applications in it and some that I installed and I love using them all. But, if I had to choose one, I will definitely go for whats app. I think it is is one of the best app made in the history of mankind making it so easy for us to be in touch with people we care about and then it does not matter whether we are in what part of the world. It is cheap and friendly and almost everywhere. You can not only send text messages, but videos and photos and audio and moreover can talk to your friend or family on Internet. What an amazing thing to do!

No worries about those tiring bills and those roaming extra bills. One is free to do whatever they want to. We can form groups and be connected with so many people together, it is almost like talking to so many people together and having fun. Not only for friends and family, I have even found it important for being in touch with my colleagues. There are several groups that we make with which we are always updated on the work and it is amazing thing to do. We can plan out things and the people who are not present in the meetings get to know about it, even after that.

The reason this application is very important for me is because I have a job which requires me to travel a lot and then I have got family and friends back home. It is with whatsapp that I am able to share with all of them the amazing life that I am living and in so many times I miss them.

Sample Answer3:

I believe we are living in the world of applications, I mean there are so many apps out there and so much that can be done. But, the one app that is very important for me is blogger. Being a blogger it is more like God for me. There used to be times when I wanted to write down things and those were the times which were haphazard and I just didn’t knew where to write. Because writing it on phone memo, meant when I am actually putting it down, I need to re type it again which took away the creativity of it.

But, with blogger it is so much more easy. I can just write down memos into it, make some drafts and then put them into proper format when I feel like or when I go down to typing in the laptop. Even better I can very easily edit any of my own posts and get to know the people visiting the blog. And for doing all of it, neither do I require any laptop nor any specific requirements. A simple smart phone and that is it.

The reason it is important for me is because, no matter the final blog I put out is from my laptop but the drafts, I make them mostly using this application. Also, it is so much more easier to do things, be creative and enjoy writing just at my fingertips.

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