Save Your Write Up

Writing is essential if you want to score well in IELTS, but unlike your college exams, you won’t be getting more marks if you write more. And then there are many other things that are waste to add in your writing. Go on and read below to find out how to save your write up.

Save Your Write Up

1. No extra marks, for extra writing. Remember, you do not get marks if write more than the specified word limit. A word limit will always be specified. Make sure to notice that.

2. Please try to avoid sentences that are too simple or too obvious. This makes the reader lose interest in your writing. For e.g. Now days everyone likes to listen music. There is nothing new about it. You can rather write it as -: Now days, everyone likes listening to music because it provides entertainment to all.

3. Try to ask yourself Who, what, why, how often, how much; questions before writing. Answering these questions would help you in writing better.

So, go practice more. And make sure you practice effectively. The better the practice, the better your score.

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