IELTS Writing task 2 Essay # Reasons for sedentary lifestyle and its solutions.

IELTS Writing Task-2 # Essay

Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world. What reasons are associated with this? What solutions can you suggest?

Sample Answer

Undoubtedly, recent times have seen the establishment of a number of gyms and other fitness institutions promoting physical activities. However, an inactive way of living plays an active part in many people’s life, throughout the world. This has led to the degradation of health and fitness of numerous people. This essay will briefly discuss causes that have amounted to this sedentary lifestyle and also provide some solutions to counter these problems.

To commence with, the most prominent reason for rising the issue of unhealthy lifestyle is academic success being valued more as compared to physical health from a very young age. This often leads to people by spending minimal amount of time to focus on their fitness.  Furthermore, in the maximum number of jobs, employees are required to sit at one place for longer durations of time. The culture of “desk jobs” has drastically reduced the amount of physical activity in one’s life.  Moreover, with the emergence of entertainment industry, people are more inclined towards the inactive lifestyle. Lastly, availability of food, grocery items and other basic need products on the doorstep have contributed a major share to a lethargic lifestyle.

However, these difficulties can easily be dealt by taking a few measures. Firstly, promoting health benefits among children. Making young minds aware of benefits of healthy habits can increase the level of fitness among children. Also, including yoga and other fitness activities as a part of curriculum can also be beneficial for them. Secondly, gyms should be made in the office complexes with adequate facilities. This step can encourage people to start physical activities especially for those whose job timings do not allow them to work out lately. For an example here, according to a survey held in two metro cities, Delhi and Mumbai, of my country, this has been noticed that after introducing health facilities within office premises, that helps people to drastically reduce the health related issues. As a result, they have become more active towards their work.

To conclude, today’s academic centred as well as busy life schedule of many individuals have contributed a large proportion to the lethargic lifestyle. However, I truly believe that people can be motivated to engage themselves in physical activities.

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