Essay # Problem of Loneliness and lack of physical fitness among old people.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Essay

Problem of Loneliness and lack of physical fitness among old people. A lot of old people are suffering from loneliness these days. They also lack physical fitness. What do you think are the reasons for this problem? Can you think of possible solutions?

Sample Answer-

In the past, the elderly led a healthier and happier life. But, nowadays, the situation has changed significantly. There are various possible reasons behind emerging issues related to loneliness in old people’s lives. However, by taking some steps this problem can be tackled wisely.

To begin with, one of the major factors is the rising popularity of nuclear families. If we observe around us, it can be said that younger people are more inclined towards single family concept instead of living in a joint family. Young generation does not hesitate to abandon their parents or grandparents in a village to lead a better life in metropolitan cities. Another key factor, generation gap is widening day-by-day. This causes clash of ideas among family members and disrespect towards older people. To avoid this many families are falling apart.

Due to solitude in old age, many older people start losing their interest towards life. Negligence and lack of affection and love from their younger ones are also discouraging them to have an active lifestyle. Affecting by their surroundings, older people lack their interest in their social lives and stop giving preference to be healthy and happy.

In order to solve this uncongenial situation, first of all, people should be encouraged to live in a joint family. Living together will not only help older people but also young generation. Earlier elders used to be considered the back bone of any family because of their unconditional love and guidance to the posterity, same can be re-lived in this era. Moreover, by introducing old age club, they can live and mingle with same age people and can motivate each other to be livelier even in the later years of their lives.

To sum up, fast paced life, changing family structure and lack of love and affection are the main reasons behind developing this negative attitude among older people. There is no doubt that by adopting traditional ways of living and by being more attentive towards them, we can help them to live an active life.

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