IELTS TIPS # How to give examples in IELTS WRITING TASKS

IELTS Tips # Writing Task

How to give examples in IELTS WRITING TASKS


Examples make your essay clearer and help make your points more elaborative. It is even easier to give instances rather than elaborating or describing a complex point. Though inserting examples helps you fetch a higher band score, it is not advisable to insert irrelevant examples if there is no linking with the ideas of the essay. 


If the topic is about- ‘Zoos are cruel and should be closed’. Discuss both views.

While discussing why zoos should not be banned, the candidate can give an example like- 

 Zoos in countries like India and China have started breeding and conversation programs for the endangered species. Project Tiger in India has helped save the tigers from being extinct.

Examples related to Government opinion, a Newspaper or University report are more relevant than personal examples. 

When the question asks about ‘your own experience’, the candidate needs to focus on what he/she has observed in society related to the topic rather than giving ‘personal experiences’. Giving personal examples is one of the most common mistake candidate make.


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