Ideas Matter In Writing

Words are important but in IELTS what matters is the quality of words. It is presumed that you will write your essays concisely. And so you obviously score high if you write to the point and the focus is more on the idea rather than just trying to fit words into it.

Ideas Matter In Writing

But then how to be concise? avoid using “there is” or “there are”.
For example-:
1. There are many issues that students face at university.
You must rather use it as-:
Students face many issues at university.

Remember, a reader is never hooked up to what you write, until and unless you give them a reason. And the reason can only be your idea or your opinion. No one there to read your “a,an, there, here”.

Your writing must be such that on reading it, a person is forced to read more and while doing this they enjoy it. The best way to find out if you have written a good essay is to re-read it. You are the best critic of your work. If you don’t like what you have written remember no one else will.
So before submitting re-read your essay again and while writing make sure you use better words, variety of grammar, the linking is properly done and your ideas are clear.


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