Essay # Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time.

IELTS Writing Task Essay

Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. 

Discuss both views and state your opinion. 


In this rapidly changing world, individuals often go through the dilemma of paying more attention to their bank accounts or having more free time for themselves. For this reason, some people compromise with higher income while some bargain with leisure time. I concur with the view that people should not negotiate with the quality of life for money.  

There are a majority of people who think having abundant money is the best way to live a life. With better financial stability, they can provide a more luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to their loved ones with the cost of sacrificing their hobbies. The monetary benefits bring happiness and contentment to some people because of which they can provide quality education and health facilities to their families. Thus they prioritize it in place of dedicating that time for leisure activities.   

At the same time, some believe that spending long hours on work and having no time to actually enjoy is not the right approach to life. They consider time to be a great equalizer and time spend at work cannot be purchased with money as it leads to stress and other health related problems. Living a healthier life and spending quality time with loved ones is more essential for people and many of them regret it later on in their life. Indeed, many billionaires on their death bed remarked that they wished to have more time with their families. 

In my perspective, people should maintain a balanced life by giving equal time to work and personal time. They will lead a more fulfilling lifestyle if they prioritize both factors equally. Focusing just on financial stability will make one dull whereas not being productive has its own drawbacks.

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