What is Speaking Section #IELTS


Speaking section takes place in the first part of the IELTS. This section is common for both the general as well as the academic aspirants. Similar questions are asked to both of them and wrap up in at most five minutes. It starts with an introduction. First, the examiner introduces himself/herself and then asks for your introduction. Questions concerning you are asked in this section. They are usually about your growing days? Or may about your academics or your family? There may be some queries regarding your favorite sports or food? Questions about your work also pop up.
Now, what does the examiner looks for, while asking these questions


What the examiner is trying to find out here is whether you can make some effective conversations or not. So, avoid using filler words like “umm” or “aaaa” while speaking. When the examiner checks for your fluency they also check whether you start from some topic and end in there or you wander.


You must have heard that a person vocabulary tells the mental growth of the person. So work on your vocabulary. Avoid using words with less rank. E.g., good, bad, okay. Rather use may be fantastic, disappointing, excited etc.


When the examiner checks for your grammar they don’t just see whether you used the tenses in a correct way. They also consider whether you make use of all the tenses or are you just stuck with one.


Make sure you always pronounce the word in the correct way. Why do they check this? To make sure that you are able to make meaningful conversations with people in their country. So make sure you pronounce correctly.

Remember, you are marked equally on all of them. So, focus on all of them. Go into the room with confidence. Be friendly and you surely will come out with success on your shoulders.


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