Tips For Speaking Section

Speaking in English is often a challenge for vernacular speakers. Let us have a look at ten important tips to get a higher score in IELTS speaking section, rather any English exam with examiner one on one interaction.

  1. During your speaking test, be formal i.e. treat it like a job interview. Don’t take it casually.
  2. Give a full answer, whenever possible. You have 11-14 minutes to use the best English that you have learnt all your life. So, in the first section, about you or your family. For instance, if they ask you where you from are, don’t just say Delhi, try to be more specific. Rather say, I am from Delhi, capital of India.
  3. Be polite to the examiner. For instance, if you don’t understand something, don’t just say, what or sorry. Rather say, excuse me, could you please repeat that?
  4. Your posture effects the way you speak or your confidence or your voice is projected. So maintain a good posture. Make sure you sit straight and not put your hand on your face.
  5. Don’t worry too much about your accent and as long as you enunciate the word clearly, that is all required. So, work on your pronunciation and not on your accent.
  6. Don’t use boring words or overly used words. For example, don’t use good, okay, sad. You can rather use depressed, excited etc.
  7. Make sure you speak loudly enough that you are heard properly.
  8. Don’t speak too fast or too slowly, if you are not sure, speak slower than it is necessary. And practice by recording.
  9. Explain any foreign words used in speaking. But then why will you use a foreign word. This happens when for instance, you say, I come from Kochi (a place not very famous), you better say, I come from a city in southern part of India, called Kochi.
  10. Even though you must use sentences, make sure you don’t lot of them. Try to remain on focus.
  11. Make sure you are aware of slangs and try not to use them. For example, kids is a slang and you must use children.
  12. A lot of students read sample answers and it is a good idea to read them and listen to them but don’t try to memorize them. All you need to understand is how to answer and try to pick some good vocabulary words.

Go on, give your best and strive for band 9.


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