Speaking Cue Card: Describe a time when you had to go to the doctor’s/hospital

Describe a time when you had to go to the doctor’s/hospital

You should say:

  • What was wrong with you
  • How you felt at that time
  • What happened at the doctor’s/hospital

And explain what treatment you were given to help you get better.

Sample Answer:

Hospital is that one place that no one would possibly ever want to visit. I personally hate going to the doctor’s. But I had to visit one recently. Due to frequent travelling to varied altitudes and atmosphere, I got home terrible cold and viral infection. It was accompanied by heavy head, continuous sneezing and a running nose which left me in great discomfort.

I felt too sick and in pain. Due to the over-growing headache I couldn’t concentrate on any thing and found it impossible to do even the smallest everyday task. My head felt like it weighed a ton and I can barely keep my eyes open due to the developing stress. After no more resistance, I decided that I need to visit the doctor’s.

The doctor accepted me and asked me what I was feeling. He checked my pulse and my body temperature. He asked me to open my mouth and he put the doctor’s torch in my mouth to check for possible infections in my throat. He further checked my blood pressure. He concluded that I have developed intense allergy infections probably due to the temperature changes and dust. He prescribed me certain medicines and a cough syrup for 3 days. He also asked me to take certain anti allergy medicines. He advised me to avoid any cold food items and beverages. He also suggested that I drink turmeric milk and ginger lemon honey tea for instant healing. He asked me to take plenty of rest and avoid going out in the dirt. The suggestions were useful and my health was much better in a couple of days.


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