Prepare For Speaking Without Help

IELTS has a speaking section. So how do you prepare for this section?While some have the opportunity to go to a coaching center, what about others.I say prepare for speaking without help. While doing this some of you may be lucky to have people who talk in English with you 24/7. There are some who find it difficult to have a partner to talk to. What should you do? You can aim two things with the same stroke.

  1. Download speeches of people who are admired for their speaking skills. Listen to their speeches. But then just don’t listen. Often the transcripts of the speech are available in Internet. Download them as well and try to speak with them. Try to speak like them. Don’t just blindly follow them, but you can surely grasp those essentials of speaking.
  2. Also bear it in mind that the speech that you use, is of a person who is admired for his / her speaking capabilities. It could be Hitler or Obama or Ruth Levine.
    This will include lot of pausing and rewinding and forwarding. But in the end you will surely improve your listening as well as speaking skills.

Remember it is not just about cramming the syllabus. You need to prove that you deserve it.


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