IELTS speaking task 2 cue card # Recent online shopping experience.

IELTS speaking task 2 cue card

Recent online shopping experience.

Talk about your recent online shopping experience.
What you bought online recently?
Why you bought it?
If you were happy with what you bought?


Sample Answer

There aren’t many malls and brands available where I live in. That’s why buying products online is the only optional left. This has made me a frequent buyer from online portals. I keep buying my daily need products from different-different websites.

Here, I can recall one of the incidents of my online shopping experiences as I had never faced that problem before. Recently I was in need of buying a watch for my brother’s birthday. I wanted to buy a latest watch from Casio Retro Vintage collection and this watch was not available with many of the online shopping sites but I found that watch on Even though I am a confident buyer, I was quite sceptical about this site.

My all the doubts turned into reality after receiving my order. Being a fragile item packaging should be the first concern. But to my surprise, the watch I ordered wasn’t packed properly. When I opened the package, I found that watch was completely broken. After that I tried to get in touch with the customer care. I made many calls to them, sadly they were unable to provide any proper answer to my queries related to the return or refund of my amount.

This left me really helpless. I have found this one of the major drawbacks also of online shopping as we don’t meet the sales representative in person. Few weeks ago I got the mail for inconvenience caused by them to me but again there was no information related to refund.

Overall, it was a disappointing experience. From that day onwards I have decided not to buy anything from that particular website only.

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